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Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Organic Eye Cream

by Michael Todd True Organics

Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Organic Eye Cream

Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Organic Eye Cream

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Size: 0.5 oz (15 ml)

Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Organic Eye Cream is an advanced eye treatment that address multiple eye concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dryness. This eye cream contains a cutting-edge blend of Eyeliss, Haloxyl, copper peptides and antioxidants from rooibos tea and acai to effectively encourage elastin and collagen production. This helps to strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, minimizing sagging and wrinkling.

After cleansing, pump the dispenser to bring cream onto applicator. Gently spread over the eye area, including eyelids, and work in with gentle upward strokes avoiding pulling the skin around the eyes. Allow to penetrate skin completely before applying makeup. Use day and night and as needed. In the event cream gets into eyes, flush with water.

Review by: JustD
I am always looking for that elusive eye cream that will magically eradicate fine lines, which slowly take form under the eyes and on the eyelids. Over the years, it’s been hit and miss, though it’s been more hits than misses since I began reviewing for TIA. The latest hit for me is Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Organic Cream Eye Treatment – and what a hit it turned out to be.

Perhaps for certain skin types it may appear to be a bit too rich, but this eye cream is easily and fully absorbed without much added work, as I experienced with Sevani Eye Repair, and not as greasy as Osmosis Refresh was in comparison. I’ve been using the Michael Todd eye cream for almost a full 30 days since receiving it and I am quite impressed by the product itself and the job this gem is doing on me.

The area under my eyes looks smoother, appears to be a bit firmer and is definitely well hydrated – no morning puffiness for me. Like any great foundation for the face, this eye cream performs beautifully and complements my eye makeup perfectly during application.

My absolute favorite thing about the Michael Todd eye cream, aside from how good it is and it’s affordable price (a big plus), is the pump dispenser. Who woulda thunk it! The tip is uniquely shaped so that you can load the product on it and apply it directly to your eyes from there, rather than using your fingertips. This allows for a soothing, gentle massage-like application that helps to break up puffiness, if not stop it from occurring altogether. It has a cooling effect that feels great when lightly pressing the treatment into your skin, and I should note that a little goes a long way.

This cream works on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with copper peptides and antioxidants, rooibos tea, acai and vitamin E to repair sun damage as well as provide the skin with important antioxidant stress and immune support. It encourages elastin and collagen production while strengthening the skin in the eye area, enabling it to “bounce back” instead of sagging and wrinkling. The eye cream uses Haloxyl to combat the skin discoloration around the eye that contribute to dark circles. Haloxyl also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reinforces firmness/toning of the eye area. Clinical studies have been published that outline the effectiveness and safety of Haloxyl.

To combat puffiness and bags, the Michael Todd eye cream uses Eyeliss a patented combination of three protein peptides that increase lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation and help decongest/reduce swelling in the under-eye area when applied with the new soothing massage-tip applicator. For the wealth of hydration the product offers, it uses organic olive and jojoba oils in a base of aloe vera juice, which renders “intense” soothing and hydrating of dry and sensitive skin around the eyes.

I saw on the Michael Todd website a testimonial from plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon of The Doctors in which he states: “Tops my list of best eye cream treatments.” Well, I don’t know Dr. Ordon or his work, but I agree with him in this regard. It is a very good eye cream treatment that is affordable and is giving me the type of results I have been hoping for in a very balanced way. I’m sold.

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Our Take...

I am always looking for that elusive eye cream that will magically eradicate fine lines, which slowly take form under the eyes and on the eyelids. Over the years, it’s been hit and miss, though it’s been more hits than misses since I began reviewing for TIA. The latest hit for me is Michael... Read Full Article

Your Take...

  • 5 stars 4 out of 5

    It absorbs well, doesn't irritate my eyes at all (a problem with other products in the past), and keeps the skin around my eyes well hydrated.

  • 5 stars 4 out of 5

    I'm still searching for my *perfect* eye cream, but until I do, I'm pleased to have made the acquaintance with Michael Todd's Intensive Eye Treatment. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated (no problem applying makeup afterwards). I've just used it for three weeks but this product has come to stay.

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    This is my go-to eye cream, especially on days when I'm wearing no makeup. I love how it keeps the skin around my eyes moisturized all day and that's it's a very gentle cream. A little amount goes a long way, which makes this product even better. Very little scent, great price, great impact on the beginnings of my fine lines (I'm in my late 20's).

    I will say that I would consider this product to be a little on the oily/greasy side -- though not in a breakout causing way -- it just makes my eye makeup smear if I wear it under makeup (even waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara). I also had the dispenser issue Kimberly mentioned with my first bottle -- it drove me nuts. You really do have to be careful because the dispenser has amazing pump-power! I wound up partially blocking the pump with my finger, which seems to work for me. I've run into this problem with a few Michael Todd products though -- the Tone & Cleanse face wash is touchy as well. However, overall, these issues don't impact how great I think the product is -- I keep going back to it!

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    UPDATE: I have emptied my first container of this eye cream. I have to say that I love it. My entire eye area looks very nice, and since I see my eyes as my best feature, I am quite pleased. I am not experiencing any negative side effects, no eye irritation or product allergy, and the area around my eyes actually looks a little firmer and wide-awake. After my initial trouble with the dispenser (1st post above), I just dispensed it in my palm. That worked fine, and I am ready to order my second container. So far, I am loving a number of Michael Todd products. I'm on a fixed budget, so the prices are pretty great too! BTW, I am in my early 50's. Thanks as always, TIA!

  • 5 stars 3 out of 5

    I bought this a couple of weeks or so ago, but have just started using it for the past week. I think I might like it as the ingredients and price hard to beat when you are on a fixed income. However, of the 2 M. Todd products that I have tried thus far, both have had serious dispenser issues. I have probably wasted 1/2 of the eye cream already because it squirts out 2 to 3 feet across the room no matter how gently you squeeze the applicator. I have to remember each time I use it, to squeeze the eye cream into the center of my cupped hand, then apply with my fingers. Often, it gives me more than I want.. That is the only way it doesn't end up on the walls. Has anyone else had problems with their product packaging? Thanks for your fabulous site, Marta, et al! It's my beauty bible.

  • Hi Kimberly - I haven't personally tried this eye cream. But having just reread JustD's review, I would think it is worth a try. If it works on firming the under, it should be helpful for lids as well.

  • 5 stars 4 out of 5

    I just wanted to ask a question, so the rating I left is not applicable. I just ordered this, and am excited to try it. I want to know if the ingredients that help address saggy eyes also help with the upper lid sagginess. It seems they never talk about anything but under-eye sagginess and bags. I have the upper eyelid problem intermittently due to allergies, and cannot use an antihistamine. Will this help? Thanks in advance for your response! Love to y'all here at TIA!

  • 5 stars 4 out of 5

    I have been using Michael Todd's eye cream for about 6 weeks. I stopped using it for some reason a few weeks ago and noticed that my eyes were back to their former baggy/ dark state. I hadn't noticed that the product had been working that well, but apparently it has indeed helped my eyes. I love the rich consistency which leaves my eyes feeling soft and moisturized.

    I am, however, jumping ship and spending the extra $$ on AQ due to the amount of amazing reviews.

    I will be back to let you know the differences.

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  • July 19, 2013

    by lisa

    great review! very informative and i am looking forward to trying the product after reading what you have to say. thanks! :)

  • May 23, 2013

    by Sue Becca

    Thank you for your wonderful review JustD; prod sounds great at a wonderful price and I am going for it :)...
    Marta, Thank you so much for the copper peptides update list!!!!

  • April 23, 2013

    by Naheed

    I am using Michael Todd's KNU anti aging face lift serum, which I bought for $25 (originally $150) from Living Social. Not worth $150.
    I am intrigued by his eye-o-sonic, which is on sale right now. The only thing is that on his website every product has a five star rating that kind of ?? for me.

  • April 21, 2013

    by Marta Wohrle

    Thanks for a great review JustD. Its exciting to see copper peptides in an eye cream. I'm looking forward to getting know more of this brand.

Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Juice, Olea Europaea (Organic Olive) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba) Oil, Lavendula Angustifolia (Organic Lavender) Distillate, Emulsifying Wax, Palm Stearic Acid, Lavandula X Intermida ‘Super’ Extract, Aspalathus Lineans (Organic Rooibos Tea) Tincture, Oenotheris Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Punica Granatum (Organic Pomegranate) Tincture, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Fruit) Pulp Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, Water (and) Glycerin (and) Steareth-20 (and) N-Hydroxysuccinimide (and) Chrysin (and) Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Haloxyl®) (3% Concentration), Water (Aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (and) Steareth-20 (and) Dipeptide-2 (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 (Eyeliss®) (3% Concentration), Copper Peptide GHK-Cu (Copper tripeptide-1), Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Organic Calendula) Extract, Aphanizomenon Flos-Aqua (Blue Green Algae) Tincture, Xanthan Gum (Polysaccharide Gum), Citric Acid
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