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Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque

by Red Flower

Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque

Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque

$ 42.00

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Size: 8.8 oz (260 ml)

Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque is a light, creamy facial wash that cleanses the skin without stripping away moisture. It also doubles as a masque boosted with powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, such as regenerating marine-plants.

As a gentle cleanser, apply over face and body and rinse. As a masque, apply a thin layer over the face and leave on for at least 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

TIA Review by Marta:
Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque is my new favorite cleanser. I love the all natural ingredients, the way it makes my skin feel and that it does double duty as a mask. Whether rinsed immediately or left on for a few moments, Red Flower's cleanser is calming and moisturizing.

This is not a foaming cleanser, but a light, creamy one that rinses very easily and does not clog pores. It leaves the skin cleansed, but not stripped and it will remove light makeup. Tangerine and grapefruit oils give this cleanser a light, citrusy fragrance. But I really like to get the most of the ingredients and keep it on for as long as possible while I clean my teeth and potter about the bathroom.

Although a key ingredient (justifying the "Sea" call-out in this product's name) is algae, a marine antioxidant, I think the standouts here are juniper, sunflower (helichrysum) and three types of mushrooms.

Juniper is not a common ingredient in cosmetics. However, it has useful astringent and antibacterial properties, which make this cleanser helpful for those prone to breakouts. Sunflower oil is a wound healer. Grifola frondosa (called maitake in Japan or hen of the woods here) is rich in minerals (potassium, calcium, and magnesium), vitamin Bs and amino acids. Various studies have demonstrated that maitake boosts the immune system and has antioxidant properties.

Reishi mushroom seems to be something that we want in our anti-aging beauty arsenals. With powerful antioxidants, research has shown it may "protect against aging and age-related degenerative diseases".

The chaga mushroom, actually a parasite on trees in cold northern climates, has been demonstrated to inhibit cancer. According to the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, chaga is proven to boost the immune system and can help skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

I am encouraged to try more from the Red Flower range, especially after reading Emily's review of the White Peat Exfoliant. Founder Yael Alkalay (whose father was Bulgaria's first dermatologist) seems to have an affinity for great skin repairing botanicals and I am looking forward to future tests.

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Our Take...

Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque ($42 in the shop) is my new favorite cleanser. I love the all natural ingredients, the way it makes my skin feel and that it does double duty as a mask. Whether rinsed immediately or left on for a few moments, Red Flower’s cleanser is calming... Read Full Article

Your Take...

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    My favorite cleanser thus far is Red Flower Lympathic Phytopower Sea Cleanser & Masque.This is not only a fabulous cleanser on its own, leaving my skin feeling extremely clean, soft and hydrated, but I truly love using it as a mask when I have the extra time in the evenings, as it deeply moisturizes and stays moist and creamy, unlikr others that dry up after a short time and leave me needing to really scrub to get it off. Not this one, it really heavenly.

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    This is a gentle but effective cleanser. I love that is doubles as a mask, I love the way it makes my face feel, and I love the light clean scent. As I learn more and more about the importance of what we put on our skin, I'm trying to use products with all natural ingredients. Sometimes that stipulation makes the products too expensive for my pocketbook, but this healthy cleanser is a great value for the money!

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    This mask/cleanser isn't one of those deep refreshing clean kind of cleansers. But it is a hydrating one that feels like you have a warm citrusy relaxing sea cloud on that wraps your face in goodness. The nice relaxing scent feels like a high end spa. Love it!

  • 5 stars 4 out of 5

    I love the price point for the amount- it's a lot of cleanser and will last you a very long time. It's a creamy cleanser but doesn't leave any filmy-ness, like other cream cleansers can. I usually do a double wash, one to get off make up and the second to make sure I'm thoroughly cleaning my skin. My skin never feels stripped after and it hasn't broken me out at all. A definite recommend.

  • 5 stars 5 out of 5

    I have combination skin, so using a creamy cleanser made me a bit nervous that my skin would be left feeling oily. But this cleanser does it all! It cleans skin and removes makeup. It is also SO incredibly gentle, does not strip skin at all, and leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated. I use this every morning and it's a great start for my skin each day.

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  • March 12, 2014

    by Terri

    I fell in love with this cleanser after the first use. I don't normally use a cleanser in the morning as my skin tends to get dry. But this one is so moisturizing and leaves my skin so clean and soft without any drying or that squeeky feeling, that in the evening on a daily basis I leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes as a mask, and my skini feels so moisturized, I almost feel as though I don't need to add another moisturizer (almost). But I have seriously found I can't go without out my YBF control, and to top it off I find once its fully absorbed I top it off with a thin layer of Michael Todd KNU face lift which seals it all together leaving a tightened barrier. This regimine works so well my face is sooo soft and glowing in the morning. Get back to the eye cream regimine later.

Water (Aqua), Grape (Vitis Vinifera) Seed Oil, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, Algae Extract, Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tangerine (Citrus Tangerine) Oil, Pink Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi) Oil, Juniper Berry (Juniperus Comunus) Oil, Helichrysum (Helichrysum Italicum) Oil, Lemon (Citrus Limon) Oil, Citric Acid, White Peat Extract, Certified Organic Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) Mushroom, Certified Organic Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) Mushroom, Certified Organic Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Mushroom

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