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Baby Quasar PLUS

by Baby Quasar

Baby Quasar PLUS
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The Baby Quasar PLUS is an anti-aging LED device that's FDA cleared and is specifically designed for periorbital wrinkles around the eyes. This powerful tool combines light-red, dark-red and amber LED light along with infrared light to boost production of new collagen and elastin. It is 25% more powerful than the original Baby Quasar and easier to use.

Always start with a clean, dry face. Turn on Baby Quasar PLUS. Apply light to periorbital wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes) for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes a soft tone will sound, and Baby Quasar PLUS will turn off. Repeat on next area of treatment. Use 5 times per week for 8 weeks.

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TIA Review by Judy:
I have a fair complexion, dry sensitive skin and I'm prone to rosacea in the cheek and nose area. I'm in my late 50s and have been developing deeper lines and wrinkles, age spots and now those awful fine feathery lip lines. I have never tried a device before and I was thrilled to put the Baby Quasar Plus through its paces. I tested this with hopes of reducing my crow's feet and also to try the wrinkle-treating technology in treating the area above my mouth.

According to the product and company literature: "..The Baby Quasar PLUS is the most advanced 'anti-wrinkle' beauty tool available for home use." Described as small and portable, the Baby Quasar PLUS "delivers professional-quality results in the privacy of your own home." The Baby Quasar PLUS uses red light therapy to reduce periorbital wrinkles with the same technology used by professionals. Four wavelengths of light are used: 610nm, 630nm, 660nm, and 850nm. This ranges from amber to infrared light, and the size of the device head covers the periorbital area.

The Baby Quasar PLUS is lightweight, yet substantial and well constructed, and comes in a convenient carrying case. I found the device very easy to use (both handling and placement of the light) and initially I followed the recommendation to do a test area for sensitivity. I experienced no skin sensitivity with use of this device. The treated area feels some mild warmth for a few moments, but there is no discomfort. Each treatment, I started with a clean, dry face, plugged in the Baby Quasar PLUS, and applied the light to the periorbital areas for 3 minutes each area. The device is held gently against the skin, after turning on the red button. The recommended treatment is 5 days per week, treating each specific area for 3 minutes. I was able to maintain consistent treatment for 5 days per week over a six week test period. I found it workable with my daily routine, and after getting used to placement, I was able to use it without needing a mirror, and definitely became more efficient, sometimes multi-tasking and at other times using my Baby Quasar PLUS treatment as a welcome relaxation "time-out." I did my eye areas each time and when I had more time available, I treated my upper lip area. I also did a few sessions on my hands (inspired by Marta!) and was curious about whether it would change an age spot on my forearm. The latter was not mentioned as an intended use, but I was very curious!

By the end of my six-week trial with the Baby Quasar PLUS, my facial skin appears firmer, smoother and brighter, and the periorbital fine lines are definitely becoming less pronounced. It takes time, but with sustained treatment, there has been a subtle but definite firming effect. I am already seeing significant results in this area of my face.I haven't seen much impact yet on the area around my mouth, some deeper lines, or age spots on my hand and forearm, but I expect that with longer-term and sustained use, there will be improvements there too. I also note that my overall skin tone really looks more even and healthy, appearing softer and without my usual rosacea glow!

I love this device! It is simple and easy to use, and with or without use of serum. The Baby Quasar PLUS' wrinkle-reducing technology really delivers! With regular use, it is very effective, and I think it is a terrific product to augment a beauty regimen for aging skin.

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  • Benefits:
    FDA cleared, features light-red, dark-red and amber LED light and infrared light, lifetime warranty, targets periorbital wrinkles around the eyes

Our Take...

by Judy I have a fair complexion, dry sensitive skin and I'm prone to rosacea in the cheek and nose area. I'm in my late 50s and have been developing deeper lines and wrinkles, age spots and now those awful fine feathery lip lines. I have never tried a device before and I was thrilled to put the Baby... Read Full Article

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  • September 20, 2014

    by Linda

    What would you recommend for marionette lines (I'm terrifed of needles, or I would have fillers)? Thx,LB

  • March 13, 2013

    by meital

    I love the Baby Quasar, but Lightstim for wrinkles is great too. Here's a head to head comparison between them, if anyone is interested:

  • February 6, 2013

    by Marta

    Hi Shalini, while red LED can help skin tone overall, it is the green LED light that is generally recommended for hyperpigmentation and blue light for acne. This article describes the different roles:

  • February 6, 2013

    by Shalini

      Hi. I purchased the Baby Quasar md red light, about two months back. At first, the results were quite good. But now,  I am beginning to notice that my old acne scars that had faded completely are resurfacing after using it once a week according to the directions provided. I was told that the baby quasar red is supposed to improve discolouration and pigmentation. But now, I see further discoloration/pigmentation of old acne scars. 
    Is this normal ? Is it that the pigmentation gets worse before it gets better or is it a side effect of the device. I have a pale to fair skin complexion.
    Pls let me know!
    Many thanks

  • June 17, 2012

    by Lisa

    Hi Marta. I stumbled onto this page through your comment regarding the Facemaster and NuFace facial devices. My primary problem is forehead horizontal 'frown lines' and a deep vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows. I'm 53. Which of these devices do you think would be best for treating forehead wrinkles? Thanks so much for your reviews. They are most informative!

Video: Getting the most out of Baby Quasar at home LED

Over the past couple of years, I have become increasingly convinced by light therapy or LED devices and their power to plump up the skin, tighten sagging jowls and, as Sunil investigated recently, to…

The new Baby Quasar Plus (VIDEO)

The first at-home LED device that I ever bought was the Baby Quasar. It has since been upgraded and now the Baby Quasar Plus ($399 in the shop) is 25% more powerful. See it in action in this video:

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