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ClarityRx Restore It 7.5% Glycolic Exfoliator

Size: 2 oz (60 ml)

ClarityRx Restore It 7.5% Glycolic Exfoliator is a highly-concentrated serum designed to create dramatic changes in the skin for a smoother and clearer complexion. Ideal for maturing or problematic skin types, this renewing treatment uses glycolic acid to remove damaged, dull skin cells while aiding in regulating oil production and clogged pores. After testing the treatment for four weeks, our reviewer confirmed it delivers on all fronts.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. There it works to increase cellular proliferation and stimulate new collagen formation. This results in fewer fine lines and wrinkles, dry patches, rough areas and imperfections. Used as a night time corrector, you’ll uncover healthy and younger-looking skin.

ClarityRx uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and is free of parabens. This product is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Reviewed by Sonoko:

Who doesn't like ingredients that not only reveal fresher skin, but also work to address many issues including uneven skin, milia, hyperpigmentation, oiliness and acne? Glycolic acid seems to do just that. As a member of the AHA family, this water-soluble acid that is derived from sugarcane has the smallest molecule within the AHAs and offers the greatest penetration to skin, according to a TIA article. AHAs aid in exfoliating dead skin by dissolving the glue-like substance between skin cells. One caution is that the use of AHA will make our skin more vulnerable to sunlight, but making sure to use a good sunscreen daily and preferably a hat while outside will counter this. All in all, glycolic acid sounds like something most of us could benefit greatly from.

ClarityRx Restore It 7.5% Glycolic Exfoliator ($64) has only two ingredients: purified water and glycolic acid. The brand is dedicated to producing most safe and effective products, focusing on sustainable sources. The Restore It solution comes in a small screw top bottle. The product is colorless, odorless and has the consistency of water. Directions state to used it twice weekly in the evenings on clean skin. It is best applied sparingly with cotton balls. I used it two day a week, with a few in between, in place of my go-to chemical peel.

Before jumping into the results I observed using this product over the last four weeks, I would like to share a little bit about my skin conditions at the time. I'm in my 40s and have combination skin that is on the drier side. I suffer from patches of flaky skin, enlarged pores, melasma, sun damage, sagging, fine lines, occasional breakouts, dullness and so forth. A month before I started testing Restore It, I developed what seems like 50 tiny bumps mixed in with milia around my lower cheeks and chin area. These were unusually persistent, and they even seemed to be getting worse after a month. I'm not new to AHA products, as I have been using them for couple years, but all the prior products had a longer list of ingredients and they didn't do much for my bumps. Initially, I was just hoping that Restore It would do a better job at smoothing those pesky little bumps.

So, after cleansing my face, I would apply a small amount of the solution to my face. There was some initial stinging that lasted only a short time, which I believe is quite common with the use of AHA products, especially glycolic acid, and was not unexpected. The solution absorbed quickly into my skin and caused no redness. It didn't feel particularly drying, but since my face does tend to get dry, I applied a no-frill moisturizing cream over it as a precaution. When I woke up the next day, I was thrilled to find that my tiny bumps were greatly reduced from just one use. I had to restrain myself from using it more than twice a week during the trial period.

After four weeks of use, I am happy to say that most of my bumps are gone including the stubborn milia, I did not have any breakouts, my face seems smoother and my pores also appear smaller. I'm pretty confident that even if those bumps ever come back, using this product will restore my skin back to normal quickly and effectively. I'm also eager to see any other improvements this product might give my skin with continued use. I would highly recommend giving this product a try, especially if you suffer from blemishes, milia or a rough skin texture.

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By Sonoko R. Who doesn't like ingredients that not only reveal fresher skin, but also work to address many issues including uneven skin, milia, hyperpigmentation, oiliness and acne? Glycolic acid seems to do just that. As a member of the AHA family, this water-soluble acid that is derived from sugarcane... read more

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  • Eliza

    July 21, 2017


    Can you use this product along with dermatologist applied TCA? If so, how long should you discontinue the Restore It before the TCA peel? Safety first!

  • Purified Water
  • Glycolic Acid
Apply to clean skin. Allow to thoroughly dry. Apply corrector or moisturizer as needed. Recommended to be used at least twice weekly in the evenings for best results. If you experience any redness or irritation, cut back use until tolerance is developed.

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