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Age: 66

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Skin Type: dry, sensitive

Skin Concerns: crow's feet, wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin, fine lines

I'm a retired science teacher. I've always been interested in finding products to help me to look my best, at every stage of my life. As I age, my skin care needs have changed and my routines have necessarily changed as well. My skin has always been dry and somewhat sensitive and aging has exacerbated this tendency. I follow a routine, based on my skin's condition and the season, but I tend to rotate products because I feel that my skin responds well to a slight change in active ingredients. I have my longtime favorites, but I'm always reading about new products, ingredients and technologies and I LOVE the opportunity to try them. (Maybe it's the science geek in me!) In any case, I'm so pleased to have discovered many of my favorite products and a great deal of very relevant information on the TIA website.

Articles By Michele

  • November 16, 2016

    TRU Rating

    Elena Rubin Solace Mild Cleanser

    Cleansing my face has become more problematic as I mature (code for getting older). At 67, I want my face to feel clean, but I don’t want that tight feeling that results from it being stripped of moisture. What a conundrum! So it was with cautious optimism that I approached using and reviewing Elena Rubin Solace Mild Cleanser ($39). Would my dry, sensitive and newly diagnosed rosacea-prone skin like this product? I was a bit anxious, but the word “mild” gave me hope that I would be pleased.

    Solace has no discernible fragrance. It is clear and ...Read More...

  • September 8, 2016

    TRU Rating

    Sonäge High Impact Vitamin C Serum

    When I was asked to test Sonäge High Impact Vitamin C Serum ($32), I was a bit apprehensive. Testing it would mean that I would have to give up my Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil for a month. Don’t get me wrong, I am avid in my search for new and better products that will enhance my skin. However, I also have a few favorites that have proven to be game changers and Triple C Peptide Firming Oil is one of these. In the quest for new and better products, I decided to go for it! So what did I discover?

    I should preface my review by giving some infor ...Read More...

  • May 18, 2016

    TRU Rating

    ASDM Beverly Hills Tepez Regenerating Serum

    I am 66. Although I take very good care of my skin, I certainly identify with the dryness and loss of elasticity that come with aging. I have used a pure hyaluronic acid gel under my moisturizer for a few years. When I got the opportunity to test the ASDM Beverly Hills Tepez Regenerating Serum ($45), I stopped using the product I’d been using because hyaluronic acid is the second ingredient, after water, in the Tepez serum. My expectation was that my skin would continue to feel and look as hydrated as it had with the hyaluronic acid gel.

    I used the serum ...

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