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c12-20 acid peg-8 ester

* A polyglycol ester of fatty acids. Sometimes referred to as Xalifin-15.


An emulsifier that can also improve a cosmetic solution's stability and water binding properties. As a non-ionic compound, it's considered non-toxic and safe when applied to skin. It's even gentle enough for individuals suffering from previous skin irritations, allergies or dermatitis. This ingredient is contained in many personal care products like facial moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, anti-aging treatments, eye cream and cleanser.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

Though this ingredient is considered safe to use on sensitive skin, PEG-8 has been known to cause irritation in some. If you encounter a product containing c12-20 acid peg-8 ester, be sure to do a small patch test on your forearm before fully applying it to the face.

More information on PEG's here.

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