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Chlorophyllin-copper complex

* A semi-synthetic sodium/copper derivative of chlorophyll. Also known as potassium sodium copper chlorophyllin.


The cosmetic industry mainly uses this ingredient as a colorant and deodorant agent. As a derivative of chlorophyll it adds a green dye to dentifrices, as well as to various makeup and skin care formulations. The topical application of this ingredient also helps eliminate odors that form on the skin, and is particularly effective in deodorizing wounds, burns and other skin conditions. In addition to helping control odor, chlorophyllin-copper complex is also known to help expedite the healing of wounds by slowing the growth of certain anaerobic bacteria on the skin. You can find this ingredient in a variety of personal care products such as bath oil/salts, soap, shampoo, cleanser, moisturizer, antiperspirant/deodorant, facial masks, body oil, foot odor treatment, toner/astringent and exfoliant/scrub.

In vitro studies have shown that chlorophyllin-copper is an extremely effective antioxidant (source). A 2015 pilot study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology claimed that the complex was effective in the treatment of photodamaged skin.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved chlorophyllin-copper complex as a color additive exempt from certification. The FDA also allows the use of this ingredient in OTC internal deodorant drug products that work to reduce odors from conditions such as colostomies, ileostomies or fecal incontinence. The EU Cosmetics Directive also permits this ingredient to be used as a coloring agent in cosmetic products, and lists it as CI 75810.

Some regard chlorophyllin-copper complex as toxic because it is a copper compound. Based on clinical data, however, the FDA has ruled it as a non-toxic ingredient that has been used safely by humans for over 50 years. Furthermore, because of the compound's ability to form molecular complexes with carcinogens in the body, some actually believe it to act as an antioxidant and anti-cancer agent.

Some of the side effects associated with oral ingestion of this ingredient include a discoloration of the tongue and urine and diarrhea. When applied topically to wounds, it has been reported to cause mild burning or itching in some cases.

Products with Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex:

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