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Glucosyl Hesperidin

* A flavonoid compound known to stimulate blood circulation


Although Glucosyl Hesperidin is generally considered a blood pressure medication, its ability to improve blood circulation allows it to stimulate the surface circulation of the skin and therefore help to improve dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion and tired skin. In patent research by Proctor and Gamble, it was found that Glucosyl Hesperidin can be used for anti-aging and skin lightening products. The flavonoid compounds in Glucosyl Hesperidin are known to provide antioxidant, UV absorbing, and radical scavenging benefits, and are also known to be effective in strengthening collagen structure. Its high solubility is also favorable for use in skin care products.

Glucosyl Hesperidin is seen in under eye products and creams as a product that can help improve blood circulation, thereby overcoming the negative physical effects caused by stress, tiredness and a cold, dry climate.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

There are no adverse side effects noted with the use of Glucosyl Hesperidin, especially topically. In fact, it has a wide variety of benefits in the liver, lungs, and bones, and cholesterol levels. The only warning for Glucosyl Hesperidin results from drug interactions when ingested.

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