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Glyceryl Dilaurate

* An emollient originating from vegetable oil that is known to cause skin irritation


Glyceryl Dilaurate is in the Glyceryl Diesters, a group of ingredients made up of glycerin and fatty acids. They are used as emollients and for other purposes in many cosmetics and beauty products. Glyceryl Diesters, on a whole, are FDA and CIR approved and are given the GRAS rating. They are generally used in low concentrations and are not irritants (Source).

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

However, Glyceryl Dilaurate in particular is labeled as a known irritant, although the cases are few and far between. Specifically, a study, done by CIR published by the National Institute of Health found that Glyceryl Dilaurate was a mild primary irritant, but not a skin sensitizer in maximization tests. An eye shadow containing 1.5% Glyceryl Dilaurate did not induce skin irritation in a single insult patch test, but mild skin irritation reactions to a foundation containing the same concentration were observed. Use Glyceryl Dilaurate with caution and stop use immediately if skin irritation occurs.

Recommended Product w/ Glyceryl Dilaurate:

Curel Youth Defense Moisture Lotion

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