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Polysorbate 60

* A thickening agent


Polysorbate 60 is a thickening agent and oily liquid used in cosmetics and skin care formulas "to dissolve in a solvent in which they would not normally dissolve. They also help to form emulsions by reducing the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified," according to Polysorbate 60 is a surfactant created by reacting sorbitol with ethylene oxide and fatty acids obtained from vegetable fats and oils. It is used to disperse oil in water in formulas, and seen in a wide variety of products, including skin fresheners, skin care products, skin cleansing products, makeup bases and foundations, shampoos, and fragrance powders.

Polysorbate 60 is FDA and CIR approved.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

The Cosmetics Database finds Polysorbate 60 to be a low hazard ingredient, although it does note concerns regarding cancer, and developmental and reproductive toxicity. Studies in the 1950s showed tumor formation and reproductive effects at high doses. It is not considered an irritant.

Recommended Products with Polysorbate 60:

M.A.D Skincare Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum ($60); Skin Nutrition Cell CPR ($170 in the shop); Arcona Golden Grain Gommage ($44); Amarte HydroLift Cream ($70)

As much as possible, products in the Truth In Aging shop are chosen for their safety profile as well as effectiveness.

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