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Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

* A binder, emulsion stabilizer and film former


Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a versatile ingredient used in the cosmetics and beauty industry as a binder, film former, emulsion stabilizer, suspending agent and hair fixative, and is seen primarily in products such as mascara, eyeliner, hair conditioners, hair sprays, shampoos and other hair care products, according to the Cosmetics Database and It is keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components, and hold together the ingredients of a compressed tablets or cakes. Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) also has the ability to dry and form a thin coating on the skin, nail or hair, and when it is seen as an ingredient in hair products, it is used to hold hair styles in place by preventing the hair's ability to absorb moisture. It is also used in contact lens solution, and as the thickening agent in whitening toothpastes and tooth whitening gels (Wikipedia).

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is FDA approved (specifically "as a clarifying agent in beer, wine, and vinegar, and as an adjuvant in coatings on fresh citrus fruits") and CIR approved as well.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is considered a safe ingredient and has been rated as a low hazard ingredient by the Cosmetics Database. Although it notes a concern regarding the potential for it to be a carcinogenic, the International Agency for Research on Cancer finds that it is not classifiable/not likely to be human carcinogen. It is also relevant to note that Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is approved for use as a binder in pharmaceutical tablets because of its ability to pass through the body when ingested or absorbed, according to Wikipedia.

Recommended Products w/ Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP):

Skin Effects Advanced Brightening Complex, Target Whitening Wraps, tarte Cheek Stains
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