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Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum

Size: 1.0 oz (30 ml)

Mad Hippie's Vitamin A Serum features a new form of vitamin A that activates collagen and exfoliates by enhancing cellular turnover, improving the appearance of sun damaged, aging skin. This formula also includes antioxidant-rich coffee berry, hydrating and firming oat beta glucan, and nourishing coconut oil.

TIA Review by Vickie:
As a new visitor to Truth In Aging, I’ve been captivated by the website — particularly the real reviews by other women around my age. Imagine my surprise when I entered the Dare To Try Program and was chosen to review the Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum! The hippie in me rejoiced. My wrinkles and sun damage did not. The name alone brings on a big smile.

Being in my mid-40s, my combination skin has become somewhat of a stubborn, fickle stranger to me. No longer can I get away with just the basic cleanser and moisturizer as I stare sullenly at my sun spots, the rougher texture and fine lines etching their way into a permanent road map of expression. I need exactly what Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum has to offer: “Next level serum… feared by wrinkles & sun damage alike.” It contains 10 actives with potent ingredients directly from Mother Nature herself. Plus, the serum is vegan, not tested on animals and uses green packaging. Bonus! Before I even started, I was loving Mad Hippie.

Having not used this serum before, I followed the suggestion on the box and incorporated Mad Hippie into my nighttime routine of cleansing and moisturizing. The first thing I noticed is that I am a rather low maintenance kind of gal who doesn’t spend a lot of time getting ready, let alone getting ready for bed. Mad Hippie needs about 10 minutes to soak in before putting on moisturizer. I would forget and find myself sitting around reading something, waiting for my 10 minutes before I could moisturize and hop into bed. Not a big deal really — just a minor change in habits.

Getting older has rendered my skin more sensitive, so I try to avoid fragrance as much as possible. Mad Hippie does not have fragrance in it. In fact, it does not have parabens, synthetic color, or harmful chemicals. It’s all natural. I did have a little bit it sensitivity, but only in the morning after I cleansed and put on my sunscreen. For about 30 minutes, my face would flush a nice rose color, indicating that something was going on. Using it every other night for a week did the trick.

After about a month of applying this lovely nature’s brew to my face and neck each night, I can see visible improvement in my sun spots on my checks and nose. They have definitely begun to fade after four weeks. My fine lines around my eyes and mouth and rougher texture are a bit more stubborn, but if I look closely, I can see some minor improvement. One thing I did notice is a nicer glow to my face overall. I used less than a quarter of the 1.02 fluid ounce bottle, so I know I can continue my course over the next few months. For those who want something natural and less irritating, I do think with continued use, Mad Hippie will deliver on its promises of “liberating the skin from aging.” Maybe I’ll try meditating during my 10 minutes.

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Our Take

by Vickie As a new visitor to Truth In Aging, I’ve been captivated by the website — particularly the real reviews by other women around my age. Imagine my surprise when I entered the Dare To Try Program and was chosen to review the Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum ($32.99 in the shop)! The hippie... read more

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2 Reviews
  • Elisa

    (5 out of 5)

    I've been using Mad Hippie's Vitamin A serum every night for the past two months to treat my hormonal acne and the scars and spots that come with it. So far it's been a godsend. I have experienced no irritation, and my skin has cleared up considerably. Dark spots are also fading. This is a much better alternative to any acne treatment or product I've used. I usually follow with a moisturizer, but often times don't need to.

    I'm 28 and can't attest to how it works for fine lines and wrinkles, but for acne and dark spots it's wonderful.

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  • Natasha

    (4 out of 5)

    At first, I did not notice any observable difference in my skin, except that a couple of stubborn milia resolved, which I felt very happy about. After about three weeks, my husband, who does not usually comment on my skin, mentioned that I was looking "especially nice" lately. Since this is the only thing I am doing differently, I have to credit the Vitamin A Serum! At the end of the four weeks, I noted that fine lines on my forehead were improved and that my marionette lines also looked better. My skin felt smoother and slightly less oily.

    I plan to continue to use the Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum, at least during the cooler months. I live in Southern California, and am concerned about sun sensitivity during the peak sunshine months, even though I wear sunscreen religiously. I would definitely recommend this product to others who may have had difficulty tolerating retinol or retinoic acid products in the past.

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  • Missy

    November 19, 2016


    I doubt it cus I have been using this stuff for 1 week and I need less lotion. My lotion keeps piling into little balls and I use less daily. My skin feels amazing and it looks better than it has sense I was 14, less red in years but an over all pink look where it was never red for about 12 hours and then I go back to my non pink or red skin color. I didn't think pores could shrink or maybe what I thought was big pores was really acne scars, but either way they are healing and should be all gone this week. I honestly believe that!! I use this almost every night for a week, but I could have forgotten once or twice last week. I am also using the vit c one almost if not every morning. Whatever the deal I want to try their other products because I am amazed. I wish I found this stuff years ago. I have these half circles under my eyes that i have had for years and I want to try the eye Cyrene. I'm in my early 30's so I don't have wrinkles yet but maybe this stuff will continue to heal the scars from 15-28 years old or 13 years of acne and if I keep it up I won't have bad wrinkles when I'm old. I just wanted to give my 2 cents for younger people!!!!

  • Cynthia

    October 13, 2016


    just started using this last night, weirdly i noticed a glow and some tightening under the eyes this morning. i think the tightening is likely dryness. However, it also seemed to lessen the bagginess so is this product sucking up moisture out of my skin? a question to ponder. i am using coconut oil for a moisturizer. i chose this product because it had coffeeberry extract, however, iam not sure if there is even enough of that ingredient to mention as it lies near the bottom of the ingredients. Something i think all women should realize is that the molecules in a product have to be small enough to get through the skin to do anything. i wish companies who really taut their products would note their products ability in this regard to be effective. I'll be back to let you know what i learn in this regard as well as to provide updates. readers should also review ingredients by checking out medical publications and clinical trials on the pub med and nih websites.

  • Deionized Water
  • Carthamus Tinctorious (Safflower) Seed Oil
  • Potassium Cetyl Phosphate
  • Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  • Phenethyl Alcohol
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Ethylhexyl Glyc- erin
  • Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Retinyl Retinoate
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Fruit Extract
  • Fragaria Ananassa (Pineberry) Extract
  • Oat Beta Glucan
  • Phytoceramide
  • Steam Distilled Aurantifolia (Lime) Essential Oil
  • Alpha Lipoic acid
  • N Acetyl D Glucosamine
Massage into clean skin every other night until skin adjusts, then move to every night. Follow in 10 minutes with moisturizer.

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