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Pure Glam Root Powder

Pure Glam Root Powder


by Pure Glam

Size: .21 oz (6 gr)

Pure Glam Root Powder is made from a fine, talc-like powder that performs wonders with just a few shakes on to your roots, magically transforming into a light, translucent styling paste. The root powder works to create lift, volume and texture, while also absorbing oils. It is perfect for limp or fine hair that needs some instant lift without the trouble of blow outs or products with harsh chemicals. Like all the products at Truth In Aging, the root powder was tested and reviewed, so glam up with confidence.

The root powder is made with ingredients like organic potato starch, kaolin clay, and organic aloe barbedensis leaf juice that are vegan and cruelty free, yet still effective. Simply sprinkle along part at the base of the hair, or anywhere that you want a little lift. Rub in the root powder with fingers and watch your hair volumize before your eyes.

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Tested and recommended by Maura:

My just-washed hair looks like a bunch of limp noodles. There’s a bit of a wave, but very little texture. So, I was excited to try Pure Glam’s Volume Root Powder and see if it delivered on the promised lift. Indeed, it did.

My interest was piqued when I read Pure Glam describe this powder “magically transforming into a light, translucent styling paste.” It was hard for me to visualize what this meant. After shaking a small amount of powder that looked like the remains at the bottom of a bag of white cheddar cheese puffs (but with none of the cheesey odor, and in fact no odor at all) into my palm, I rubbed my hands together and understood. These light, powdery flakes almost melt into a sticky styling paste. Though the instructions advise to shake the powder directly onto your scalp and massage in, I have more control using my hands with powders so I sprinkled some onto my fingertips and rubbed into the crown of my head and a bit to the sides of my temples. I turned my head upside down, gave my hair a quick shake and BAM! When I looked in the mirror, boy was there volume, as you can see in the photo. I even think a bit of the shock of the amount of volume my hair has is evident on my face in the after photo.

The feel that this volume powder imparts is a very specific dirty-hair feel. The best way I can describe it is: you attend a formal event with a highly styled and heavily hairspray-ed updo, dance all night, comb it out and wake up the next morning with hair that looks amazing. It’s a glamorously worn-in, product-heavy texture that, as a fine-haired girl, I love. But I don’t think the mild stickiness and dirtiness would be everyone’s cup of tea.

Pure Glam claims that, “it works to create lift, volume and texture, while also helping to absorb oils.” I take issue with the last point. This powder didn’t sop up much of the oil at the root my day-old hair, and I ended up using a bit of my regular Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo powder to take care of that.

I do love the fact that Pure Glam’s product is a powder and comes in a petite, lightweight cardboard cylinder, which makes it ideal for traveling. You could even throw it in your handbag to give hair a boost for going out after work. The downside of this powder’s simplicity is that unless you have perfectly naturally lithe, non-frizzy hair, I don’t think this product alone could meet all your styling needs. It lives up to its voluminous name and does nothing else.

The main ingredients are all things I’m pretty confident could be found in a well-stocked health food store, including kaolin clay, organic potato starch, organic tapioca starch, organic corn starch and organic aloe leaf juice. The only unfamiliar component for me was silica silylate, which EWG rates as very low hazard.

It’s not much more expensive than some of the premium volumizing products you’d find at the drugstore, except that it has a much simpler and less toxic formula. With only five ingredients, this will be a handy but specific tool in my hair styling kit.
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  • mc

    (5 out of 5)

    I have been very remiss in posting reviews of some of the great products I have used from TIA. So I do want to start to "atone" by reviewing Pure Glam Root Powder.
    I love this product! It gives my hair great volume and one of it's best features is that there is no residue showing up on my hair after using it. I rather like the styling attributes of day-old hair, and just like Maura, that is what I got. Her description pretty accurately describes my own results. I actually used it mainly around my long bangs, shaking the container over my hair, and following Maura's method, turned my head upside down, rubbed the powder in for a second, and when I looked back up, yes, lots more volume! And no harsh chemicals. Just love it.

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  • Silica silylate
  • kaolin clay
  • organic potato starch
  • organic tapioca starch
  • organic corn starch
  • organic aloe barbedensis leaf juice
Simply sprinkle along part at the base of the hair, or anywhere that you want a little lift.

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