I’ve been looking forward to trying 100% Pure’s facial cleansers and grabbed one of each of the Lavender Honey and the Cucumber Juice. Although 100% Pure doesn’t even call them cleansers but “Cleansing Foam,” I was still surprised when, on depressing the pump, I was greeted with a mass of froth. I didn’t even have to rub my hands together to work up a lather. Usually, foaming suds are created by harsh detergents. Not so with 100% Pure. These cleansers use saponified coconut oil that is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Lavender Honey ($18) leaves my skin thoroughly cleansed, pores closed and hydrated. For skin that is prone to be dry, or is dehydrated and dull, 100% Pure Organic Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam gives it a soothing polish.

The lavender scent is very discernible. I adore the smell of lavender so just using this cleanser puts me in a good mood. But you do have to love lavender to like this cleanser: In addition to lavender water, lavender oil, and lavender flower/leaf extract there is lavender honey, with its antimicrobial properties.

This cleansing foam also has a ton of extracts that are antioxidant, such as grape, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, as well as astringent herbs and vitamins.

When 100% Pure calls its cleanser “Organic Cucumber Juice Cleanser” ($18), it is being very literal. The base is cucumber juice, rather than water. I love its fresh as an early summer day smell. It reminds me of crunchy salads and healthy stuff.

It is almost good enough to eat (or drink), with aloe, rose flower water, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, tomato, celery and more cucumber. Hungry yet?

100% Pure's Cucumber Cleanser is a great daily facial cleanser. The gentle froth cleanses the skin without stripping or dehydrating my skin. I am prone to rosacea, but this cleanser never inflames my sensitive skin. A keeper.