As I wrote earlier, I’m 27-years-old and I’m noticing the first signs of aging not on my face but on my chest area. And it’s very frustrating to see my best assets depreciate in value: I’ve got two wrinkles extending up from my cleavage and a dozen or so sun spots.

That’s why I was so excited to try out Calvet Cosmetics Décolletté Pads ($28.95), which are designed to correct and prevent wrinkles brought about from sleeping on your side, aging and sun damage.

It is a silicone adhesive pad that you stick in your cleavage before bedtime. Working in much the same way as Frownies pads (which one reader highly recommends), these décolletté pads keep the skin taunt and smooth no matter what position you’re in.

Alas, my first go-around didn't go so well: slipping and sliding up and down my body as I slept through the night... and so it was rejected.

Since then, Calvet has redesigned her product, and I must say that the new version works: It has stayed in its place every night that I have used it!

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