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Dr. Phil’s wife and a daily presence on his show, Robin McGraw, has launched her own anti-aging skin care line called Robin McGraw Revelation. The four-piece 30-day kit costs $89.90 and is a fairly basic regimen of cleanser, scrub, serum/moisturizer and oral supplements. I really don’t like the business model, which puts any takers on an automatic monthly renewal program. But leaving that aside, Mrs. Dr. Phil has come up with products that bear some scrutiny.

What's In Robin McGraw Revelation?

The four Robin McGraw Revelation skin care products are Absolute Glow Purifying Facial Cleanser, Total Renewal Micro Polishing Scrub, Vital Hydration Serum Infused Moisturizing Treatment and Jewel Drops Anti-Aging Serum Capsules. Personally, I don’t regard scrubs and supplements as essential to a daily anti-aging skin care regimen, and for this reason alone, I would not commit to the kit. Unfortunately, only the supplements can be bought separately. Nevertheless, I thought it worth taking a closer look at the Absolute Glow Purifying Facial Cleanser and the Vital Hydration Serum Infused Moisturizing Treatment to see if they pass muster.

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The short answer is they mostly do. The good ingredients outweigh the bad, and there are even a few interesting ones among the good. Don’t expect cutting-edge peptides, but there are some useful actives and botanical extracts.

Robin McGraw Revelation Absolute Glow Purifying Facial Cleanser has been formulated to exfoliate and lighten skin tone (another reason not to bother with a scrub) with sugar cane, from whence glycolic is typically derived, and bilberry extract, a source of skin whitening arbutin.  Edelweiss extract is included, as it is in the Vital Hydration Serum Infused Moisturizing Treatment, and at least one study demonstrates that it is an anti-inflammatory. Another good ingredient is moisture-retaining phospholipids.

The surfactant (which makes suds) is coco betaine. This is generally considered safe, although there have been reports of allergic reactions (thought to be due to it being contaminated with amidoamine and dimethylaminopropylamine, two impurities commonly associated with skin sensitization and irritation. Other ingredients to be aware of are PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Trioleate, as PEGs should be avoided on damaged skin, and the potential neurotoxin, phenoxyethanol.

Robin McGraw Revelation Vital Hydration Serum Infused Moisturizing Treatment also has some ingredients to be leery of. Adipic acid/neopentyl glycol crosspolymer is an anti-caking agent that can be a skin irritant and cause environmental damage. There are several silicones, chemical fragrance and potentially irritating preservatives, such as ethylhexylglycerin. But I have to admit, I have seen far worse in much more expensive department store potions and lotions. There are also a couple of ingredients in Robin McGraw Revelation Vital Hydration Serum that are worth a call out. Lentil extract is supposed to control sebum and eliminate nucleated cells from around the pores for a more refined complexion. Watermelon extract is also included — reminding me of Cindy Crawford’s signature “rare melon” ingredient in her much inferior line.

The Lowdown on Robin McGraw Revelation Skin Care

While I’m not going to sign up for a regular monthly kit, mostly because I don’t regard the scrub or supplements as necessary to my life, I do think that the two core products in Robin McGraw Revelation — the cleanser and moisturizer serum — are decent. Not remarkable, but certainly decent.

Have you been scammed by a skin care company using Robin McGraw's name? Tell us about it!

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