Dear Marta, I am 56 years old, spend a lot of time outdoors and have deep wrinkles on one side of my face, as well as sagging. I have tried lasers to resurface my face, but with no success. The treatment made my whole face peel, but still I had the wrinkles and brown spots. I have spent a small fortune on my face and now I have red peeling patches in several places. I am feeling desperate. What products would not make it peel and start to help with wrinkles and sagging?

Dear M, First of all, we need to get this peeling to stop and soothe your skin. At first, you’ll need to keep to a really simple regimen and then you can add in products as you stabilize and start to heal after the laser treatment.

It might seem an eccentric choice, but RMS Beauty's Raw Coconut Cream would be a great place to start. This is pure coconut, a bit oily but you can use it for anything and everything - cleanser/makeup remover, a shield against the elements when you are outside, and it will help stop the peeling. Pure shea butter would be another option. Try to wear sunscreen as well, especially where you are peeling. Suntegrity’s has natural ingredients and is moisturizing as well.

Once you feel up to introducing a moisturizer, Pomega5 Healing Cream is a great moisturizer for sensitive, unhappy skin. I checked in with Pomega5 and they told me that the Bonita Medical Center has had excellent results using Pomega5 Healing Cream on IPL (intense pulsed light) patients with burnt skin and is working on a clinical trial.

When you get back to normal, you can start to work on sagging and wrinkles (using the Pomega5 and protecting your face when you go outside will help a bit).

Since you mentioned that one side of your face is more wrinkled, I am wondering if you tend to be a side sleeper. Although not a miracle cure, special pillow cases can prevent loss of moisture from the skin and crease line formation. Satin Hydration Therapy is one ($36 in the TIA shop) and there is also a good one made from something called Juvetex (which is like a tightly woven cotton) one called Dream Skin.

For both wrinkles and sagging, I strongly recommend at home LED treatment. The Sirius Aurora ($149 in the TIA shop) also has a green light that will help with age spots. It won't hurt or burn, but I would wait until your skin has recovered from the laser treatment and you do have to invest around 10 minutes a day about 3 times a week.  It is best used with an antioxidant serum such as Your Best Face Antioxidants Concentrate.

Because your skin has been going through something of a trauma, my thoughts are going to active ingredients that are potent wound healers. If your budget permits, please take a look at ReLuma products. The active ingredient is human adipose stem cells and these growth factors were originally developed for burns and wound healing. The repairing mechanism also helps fade wrinkles as well.