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A simple regimen for 60-somethings

February 24, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment

Dear Marta,

I'm 63 and I find the whole skincare thing very confusing: too many choices and most of it doesn't do what it says. I want a simple inexpensive regimen that doesn't take half a day to apply. Having said that I splurged on a YBF eye product and find that the wrinkles under my eyes are not so tight, so there may be something in paying for a quality product, however the budget doesn't always permit such luxuries.

There are some familiar themes here: the need for simplicity and effectiveness while being budget aware and age appropriate. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be putting together some basic regimens by decade. In the meantime, I will share my response to the email above with recommendations for key items that meet the criteria.

My correspondent has already become a convert to Your Best Face's Correct eye cream ($150 in the TIA shop), but for those that aren’t I’ll give it a quick reprise and also make a couple of lower cost suggestions. A good eye cream is, in my experience, the best investment that you can make. When I first started using YBF Correct several years ago, it took a couple of months to see results, but they were the most noticeable that I had ever had from an anti-aging product. Correct seems particularly helpful for crepey skin and dark circles and it has been formulated to do it all with Haloxyl, a peptide formulation for under eye circles, Matrixyl 3000 for collagen production, smart antioxidants and skin brighteners.

For those on more of a budget, I would recommend Hydropeptide”s Anti-wrinkle Dark Circle Eye Cream ($60). It has hesperidin methyl chalcone. One study documented that it lowers the filtration rate of capillaries, and less blood flowing though capillaries close to the surface of the skin. Gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, according to a Taiwanese study. There are plenty of other peptides, including Matrixyl 3000, plus antioxidant tea and vitamins.

Mindful of that busy 60-somethings don’t want to spend most of their morning in the bathroom, I will confine myself to a couple of suggestions for cleanser, serum and moisturizer. For cleanser, I would recommend La Vie Celeste's  ($40). It makes a contribution to your anti-aging by very gently exfoliating and it has so many good things in – such as mother of pearl, which has amino acids – that you can leave it on (while you multitask) for a few minutes to get their benefit.

To keep it really simple, you could possibly get away with just one good anti-aging moisturizer. I am a recent convert to Skin Nutrition's night cream. It is rich without being too heavy and it can be used morning and night (good for neck too). Cindy, our reader reviewer, had great results and although she is a 50-something, I have a hunch that a 60-something would get good results as well.

If you want to consider serums - the heavy guns for wrinkle repair - then your best bet will probably be ReLuma ($135 in the TIA shop). Although not cheap, it does a go a long way and its wrinkle repairing active – human conditioned media – is effective. There's also some budget recommendations in my post on best anti-aging creams for under $65.

There are some other ideas for a starter regimen for 60-somethings in my article written in response to an email from a 60-year old cosmetic virgin.



  • February 24, 2012

    by Barbara

    I have been doing The program in Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple from Amazon and found it to be really help me look a lot better. I would like to find a good face cream too.What would you recommend?

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