abeeco royal eye creme

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on August 8, 2014


by Lisa

I was sent a sample of the Abeeco Royal Eye Crème (NZ $45 or about $39) through the Dare to Try program and have been enjoying it for a month. I am 55, and my skin is dry and somewhat sun damaged due to my sun worshiping years. The winter months in Maine have been harsh to my skin, so I always try to keep it well moisturized. Although I feel I have a decent skin care routine, I rarely use eye cream. I always thought my facial moisturizer was good enough to put around my eyes. Since incorporating the Abeeco Royal eye cream into my skin care routine, I don't think I will go without eye cream again.

Because I wasn't sure how to incorporate the eye cream into my routine, I did a little research and found that when you layer creams and serums, you should begin with the lightest products and end with the heaviest. Given that, first, I cleanse and tone my skin, then I apply my serum with growth factor and then the Abeeco eye cream (before my moisturizer). The Abeeco eye cream glides on silky smooth and has a hint of a fragrance that dissipates almost immediately. It has a light texture that absorbs into my skin quickly. When I put this cream around my eyes the first time, my skin looked plumped, making the fine lines less noticeable. After using it, I feel as if that area has a slight glow to it, instead of being dull. Because I was not a believer in eye cream, I didn't expect to see much of a difference. I was wrong. After one month I still have my fine lines, however they are definitely less noticeable.

The ingredients are all known to be good for your skin; however, there is one that I have not heard of until using this product: royal jelly. Royal jelly is the most impressive ingredient because it has 134 nutrients that include 17 amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin A, C, D and K. According to the Abeeco website, royal jelly is fed to the queen bee to extend her life -- pretty powerful! The royal eye cream also contains jojoba seed and sweet almond oil, which I am already a fan of (I've been using them in combination with essential oils when I want a good nighttime moisturizer). Other ingredients include manuka honey, cocoa butter, lanolin, and vitamin E. Through being an avid "masker" and by doing lots of research on DIY masks, I know that honey is good for your skin due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

After using this product for one month, I still have about half of the jar left. I would probably have more if I had used it sparingly, as advised. However, it felt so good going on that I couldn't resist putting a little on the fine lines above my lip and my nasolabial folds. I have a feeling that I will repurchase it when it's gone. Thank you Dare to Try for introducing me so such a wonderful product!