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Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Powder- reader reviewed and recommended

Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Powder
February 7, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Reviewed by Noel

TIA gave me the opportunity to try Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Powder ($38.50) in the color Taylor, which turns out to be a surprisingly good match for my fair, neutral/leaning toward cool skin tone. Color selection is limited to four options, Taylor being the lightest (not at all pink as it appeared on my computer monitor when I visited the website). This is similar to other mineral powders in that it would be forgiving and blend with various fair/light tones, unless applied too heavily.

At 50, I have some wrinkles and fine lines appearing, fairly large pores on my nose and my once-oily skin has become dry – it gets flaky around the nose and has a slight shine in the T-zone that appears later in the day. The website claims that this powder is transfer-proof, water resistant, stays on all day, and is for all skin types. It easily transfers to a tissue when I blow my nose, but does not look like an area was wiped off. It did not streak or melt when I was caught in light mist/rain, but did transfer to a towel when I gently blotted my face dry. Midday, I find it necessary to lightly reapply just around the nose area, but overall the finish still looks nice. Some moisture on the skin helps this powder to meld, but I think oilier skin would have issues with its staying power. My sensitive skin experienced no breakouts using this product and it did not settle into pores or fine lines (I avoid applying it around the eye area).

Finding the best application method took a bit of experimenting. You MUST make sure skin is exfoliated and hydrated, as this mineral makeup will accentuate any flaking areas. Over different moisturizers and sunscreens, this would tend to melt/separate a bit by midday and required blotting followed by a light reapplication. Over different primers, this performed much better. My preference is to apply YBF Balance over a light moisturizer (Balance alone doesn’t moisturize my skin enough), which gives a non-oily base and acts much like a primer (without the ’cones) for the powder to meld with, much improving the staying power.

The mirrored compact comes without an applicator, so I use a dense brush. (A loose, fluffy brush would probably fling this everywhere.) I did not like the powdery finish when I applied this dry. My favorite way to apply and set this powder is using the moist method. First, I lightly spritz my brush with distilled water, gently swiping over my palm to evenly disperse droplets; second, I lightly lay the brush into the pressed powder; third, I gently press the brush onto areas of my face. I applied the powder in gentle sweeping/buffing motions (downward) to blend areas together. (If I buff in a circular motion the makeup gets caught in my fine facial hairs and looks powdery.) I do this in usually two layers to get the light-medium coverage I want.

Applying too much at one time or too many layers looks chalky or cakey. Applying two light layers looks most natural while providing decent coverage and toning down any redness (broken capillaries, healing blemishes/scars).  Sometimes I add a touch more with a tiny brush to cover a bright red broken capillary on the side of my nose, and blend it in. Finally, I lightly spritz my face with distilled water, let it set a moment, then use the brush to lightly press/buff – this really helps set the powder to minimize any transfer and cuts any powdery look. (The details make application sound tedious, but it really applies very quickly.) Within 15 minutes of application, the powder has melded into a satin-matte finish, not all too flat or dull, nor Tin Man shiny like other mineral powders.

According to the website, this mineral makeup contains no talc, bismuth hydrochloride or other unhealthy substances, is non-comedogenic, oil-free, anti-inflammatory and helpful with acne and rosacea-prone skin.

I like this for its portability (not messy like loose powders), ease of application, finish, decent wearability and color match, plus my skin had no negative reactions. Great for everyday use, but for evenings out I reach for a foundation with better coverage and staying power.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Sweet Almond Oil, Octylhydroxystearate Silica, Zinc Oxide, Aloe Vera Oil, Green Tea Extract, Lecithin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron Oxides

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