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Afterlife makeup

July 25, 2011 Reviewed by admin 2 Comments
Many of us won’t leave the house without dabbing at least a bit of makeup on. Some of us even insist on applying a full face of the stuff before stepping out in public. The question is, how many of us are insistent upon looking fabulous even postmortem?

You don’t hear about a top-selling makeup company partnering with a funeral home everyday. But that’s exactly what British makeup brand Illamasqua has done with Leverton & Sons funeral home in London in a collaboration they call “The Final Act of Self-Expression.” Creeped out yet? If not, keep reading; you’ll probably get there.

Illamasqua’s slogan is makeup for your alter ego; it’s quite obvious that the company views the state of death as just another ego.

“Illamasqua encourages people to self-express and embrace their alter ego in every way. Why should this be any different when you pass away? It is a celebration of life, and one that should be indulged for your last glamorous look.”

The cost of looking fresh and fabulous after death? $725. And the makeup services are subject to availability. Maybe it’s like wedding season – certain times of year are just busier.

As bizarre as all of this seems, people often do put quite a bit of effort into planning funerals; everything from the music selection to the flowers. So why not extend it to makeup? You're supposed to choose either a metal or a wooden casket, so you might as well choose either a red lip or a smoky eye while you're in decision making mode.   I’m not so sure it matters how you look when you “enter the afterlife,” as Illamasqua says, but who am I to begrudge someone a look to die for?

What do you think? Is Illamasqua’s afterlife makeup tastefully eccentric or just plain tacky?
  • July 25, 2011

    by Rae

    I like the idea. Sometimes I wonder why people look lifeless in the coffin.

    Maybe not too many makeup artists don't like working on dead people.

    But seriously, it's good that illamasqua thought of bringing life to the lifeless. It's like the perfect tribute to the one who passed away.

  • July 25, 2011

    by Junko

    LOVE this article * can't believe that a collaboration hasn't been done until now. I'm thankful to have only attended 2 open casket funerals and both would of benefited from a bit more care and artistic hands regarding their make-up. If you have the money ~ do it!

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