Ahnesti Authoriti Whipped Paste

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 1, 2016

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By Mariana C. 

As a 36-year-old latino woman with long curly hair, I’m always on the hunt for new styling creams to try (specially if the product has been reviewed and recommended by TIA). So I was excited to test the Ahnesti Authoriti Whipped Paste ($24 in the shop). 

Before purchasing a product, I look through the ingredient list to make sure it’s free of harmful chemicals and contains all natural ingredients, then I confirm that they are all classified as “Low Hazard” by the Environmental Working Group. While doing a review of the Ahnesti Authoriti Whipped Paste, I found that most of its ingredients, like plant extracts and natural butters, are classified as “Low Hazard.” However, I found a couple of ingredients classified as “Moderate Hazard,” including potassium sorbate and SD alcohol 40-A. Although they are moderately harmful, according to the EWG, I would prefer that these two ingredients were not part of this product.

I was expecting the product to have more of a creamy consistency, but instead, it was like putting pure butter on my hair. Following the application instructions, I applied to wet hair — as I always do with any styling cream — and gave shape to my curls using my fingers. The result was awful! My hair looked dull and dirty once dry, as if I hadn't showered for a month. I expect styling products to have the opposite effect, making hair look shiny and polished.

I only used the Ahnesti Authoriti Whipped Paste that once, but it was enough for me to decide that I didn’t like it at all. Maybe it would work for other hair types, but unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.