Alexami Exotic8 Facial Oil

Reviewed by Cindy on August 31, 2016


I'm 67 years old and my skin is pretty normal — neither dry nor oily. The dreaded dullness and sagging are a constant focus, so "regenerate" is a promising word and Alexami Exotic8 Facial Oil ($54.95) got my attention. Said to be Australia’s first organic Chia facial oil blend, it is part four of a four part skin care program — cleanse, tone, hydrate, and regenerate — by Alexami. I only tried the facial oil, not the other products, so I would like to note that upfront.

The combination of eight potent oils, which are 95 percent certified organic, is said to regenerate skin by increasing hydration levels. Each one adds specific properties to the combination to enhance the regeneration process. The star of the formula, chia, protects of the top layer of skin and promotes of wound healing. Pomegranate has microbial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties which make it valuable for skin health, but more importantly, it also tightens and firms. Camellia is rich in vitamins A, B, and E, monounsaturated fats, plant collagen and antioxidants. Rice Bran is prized for its skin-soothing enzymes and antioxidant properties.

Especially good for dry skin, the peach helps to regenerate skin tissue. The vitamin A present in this peach may also contribute to cancer prevention. Grapeseed is high in procyanidolic oligomers, or PCOs, which are powerful antioxidants. They’re the same antioxidants found in berries, green and black teas, and red wine. Finally, seabuckthorn is full of omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation (and therefore redness), burning and itching while vitamin E helps heal skin quickly and reduce scarring. Impressive, right?

I received the bottle of Exotic8 four weeks ago and have applied it as directed every morning and night on clean skin. The oil comes in a small, milk glass bottle with a dropper that dispenses perfectly. It has a very light, pleasant fragrance that dissipates quickly.  But I must stress to use sparingly and on wet skin. Otherwise, it's very thick and heavy.  The instructions say to apply three drops to skin still wet from the toner, so I sprayed a heavy dose of toner or mineral water on my face and neck before massaging it in.

Although it feels wonderful, it was almost too heavy to use every morning in our steamy Midwestern summer heat, but I kept it up. The results are quite noticeable. My skin is much softer and more hydrated. A few little dark spots appear faded and the lines under my eyes are softened. Most impressive are my hands. I also massaged the oil onto my hands each night and they look fantastic — years younger and dark spots are nearly gone.

I give Alexami Exotic8 Facial Oil two thumbs up. I'm really looking forward to using it throughout our cold, dry winters so I’ll be sure to have a bottle on hand.