I thought I had found the perfect, daily sunscreen with All Terrain AquaSport Performance Sunscreen SPF 15. It had me at hello since I saw it on the shelf at Whole Foods with the PABA and Paraben-Free print on top. I picked it up to read the ingredients: what an amazing list! However, after using AquaSport Performance Sunscreen SPF 15, I'm still on the fence about it.

All Terrain is a super independent brand—borderline hippie—based out of Canada. Even visiting the website makes you think it's one big family operating the business out of their basement. Either way, I love their ethos as I love what's in this sunscreen. First off, the active sunscreen protectants are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Good start. Then, it's followed by aloe vera, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), and bladderwack extract (seaweed) in that order. So not only are you protecting  your skin but you're also fighting free radicals with super powerful antioxidants. There's also cucumber extract, grapefruit seed extract, and vitamin A. It's like a winning moisturizer with the perk of also protecting you from harmful UV rays.

So that's the good news. When I actually applied it, it came out super gloopity glop and didn't absorb smoothly on my skin at first. It took a good rub in. However, the sunscreen isn't greasy and is pretty sweat resistant (believe me, it is hot here in NYC). Even after I returned home, it was still going strong on my face (this I found out when I was washing my face to actually get it off. Not the easiest endeavor and I sat there for a minute wondering: is this a good thing or bad thing?).

The other problem I have is the inconsistency of ingredients on other websites. It's almost a completely different product with parabens, so I wrote to the company and am waiting to hear back which is the most accurate ingredients listing. Fingers crossed it's the product in hand. Because not only do I think there's good stuff here (provided you overlook the gloopity quality and other small gripes I have), it's less than $10.

Active Ingredients: titanium dioxide (6.15%), zink oxide (z-cote) (3%)

Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), bladderwrack extract, caprylic/acpric triglycerides, caprylyl glycol, ceteareth-20, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, comfrey (symphytum officinale) extract, cucumber extract, cyclomethicone, dimethicone, glycerin, grapefruit seed extract, hydroxopropyl methylcellulose, lecithin, phenoxyethanol, retinyl palmitate, sea kelp extract, shea butter, silicone, sunflower oil, tocopheryl acetate, water, xanthan gum, zanthalene.