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Amala Rejuvenating Toner and a new organic brand

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Dry Skin, Oily Skin
September 16, 2009 Reviewed by Marta 7 Comments
If you think sustainable design is an oxymoron then a new organic skincare brand called Amala will prove you wrong. All the products come in chic cylindrical tubes with a cork lid that had a visiting designer friend swooning. And don't be concerned that this is style over content: the products are thoughtfully put together with potent botanicals and without harsh chemical preservatives or fillers. I started with the Rejuvenating Toner ($40) to get a quick fix on the brand and I am impressed so far. Check back in over the coming days and weeks for Dare To Try It as the nice people at Amala sent over a very generous cache.

Amala is an offshoot of the German brand, Primavera, makers of the Natural Balance Hydrating Mask. Primavera's products seemed to be very well-intentioned but somehow didn't quite cut it in terms of effectiveness or make the grade in being completely chemical free. Amala, however, hasn't compromised. Check out the website for pictures of their fair trade partners around the world.

The signature ingredient in Amala's Rejuvenating range is cocoa extract. The research on the consumption of cocoa, which is high in flavonoids is very convincing. In a Geman study, women drinking the high-flavonoid cocoa had 15% less skin reddening from UV light after 6 weeks of cocoa consumtion and 25% less after 12 weeks of the trial, plus the skin was denser and less scaly. Some scientists say that cocoa molecules are just too big to be absorbed through the skin to make effective use of flavonoid’s antioxidant properties. The truth is that topical use hasn't been researched that much, although I did come across a French study that concluded cocoa polyphenols on human skin improved elasticity.

Euterpe oleracea is acai, a berry with plenty of antioxidant punch. Plantago lanceolata is ribwort and a favorite of the Primavera range. This plantain removes impurities from the blood and helps with ezcema, irritations and cuts. Licorice root is good at improving skin tone.Hibiscus is an antioxidant and healer of wounds.

For people who like their toners to be pore tighteners while removing any residues of cleanser or makeup, they won't be disappointed by this refreshing spritz. However, its touch on the skin is as gentle as the light fragrance.

In the meantime, I've expanded my test of the brand to Rejuvenating Neck and Decollete Cream and will be reviewing it in full in a couple of weeks.

Confusingly the ingredients list on the website is quite the same as on the packaging. I have gone with packaging in the list below.

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Ingredients in Amala Rejuvenating Toner

Water, aloe leaf extract, bitter orange flower water, alcohol, cocoa extract, rosa damascena flower water, hibiscus extract, vanilla extract, euterpe oleracea extract, plantago lanceolata leaf extract, willow bark extract, licorice root extract, glycerin.
  • November 4, 2009

    by Carol

    I have stayed away from toners because of the drying effects but love the cleaning properties. It sounds like I need to give this product a try...Honestly, I would have without the recommendation!

  • September 30, 2009

    by admin

    You can buy it directly from Amala:

  • September 29, 2009

    by ha

    Where can you buy this?

  • September 18, 2009

    by Dana Pond

    I go to the Woodhouse Day Spa for facials when I can. They recently changed to the Amala product line. The previous line was a Woodhouse Brand. I inquired why the change and they said the maker of the Woodhouse Brand would not disclose all the ingredents used and how things were made and they wanted to get closer to an 100% organic line. If you live close to a Woodhouse Day Spa they will give you a sample suggested for your skin type and are also offering discounts on services using this new line.
    I am interested in your review of the Amala products.

  • September 18, 2009

    by marta

    Hi Susan, this is what Amala says about its use of alcohol:

    Alcohol is a crucial element in our formulas because it helps keep our 100% natural essential oils and extracts stable. We use organic alcohol derived from wheat, which is absolutely pure and safe for your skin. We use the lowest possible levels of alcohol that we can, while still maintaining the stability of our formulas.

  • September 17, 2009

    by Susan Mortenson

    I just visted Amala's web site. I perused the ingredients list to a few of products. In two of three (including the neck cream), alcohol is the first ingredient. How disappointing. Unless I learn there is no need for concern, I don't think I'll be trying this product.

  • September 17, 2009

    by Susan Mortenson

    I really like the ingredient list (except the alcohol). I haven't used toner in decades, but am rethinking this. I'm looking forward to the review.

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