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Amarte Aqua Lotion Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
Amarte Aqua Lotion
May 15, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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A nourishing lotion that improves skin’s tone and texture


Contains beneficial ingredients that work to immediately soften and smooth skin



by Elisabeth

I excitedly opened the box when the Amarte Aqua Lotion arrived—I remember the day well as it was only a couple days before it was confirmed that, at 35, I required invasive spinal surgery. Day three of my hospital stay, while my spine cried out for my pain pump, the only other thought on my mind was my skin. I could hear it crying out: Antioxidants! Emollients! I could literally feel the wrinkles forming from the three days of neglect!

So, with IV attached and terrified of busting open my neck, I decided to give myself an extra push of the pain button and stumble through the self-administered rag bath...and then my reward...I washed off days of “hospital” from my face and finally put on the Amarte Aqua Lotion. It was like liquid silk that melted in, but left behind a smoothness that was unbelievable. It not only immediately softened my battle-weary skin, its smell and luxurious texture also softened my soul.

The medications, steroid injections and scar across my neck did serious damage to my self-esteem, but every day I would look forward to pampering myself for a couple of minutes and treating myself to the veritable buffet of skin-loving ingredients. While many lotions put merely a smattering of antioxidants at the end of the ingredient list or store what could be a great product in a jar where exposure to light and air break down many of the beneficial ingredients, not Amarte. The packaging is opaque and air tight which makes the design perfect for keeping the light and air from damaging their wonderful ingredients.

Within the first ten ingredients you find skin-loving arbutin, a more natural and safer form of hydroquinone, which can be obtained from certain plants. There is research indicating that because it is a form of hydroquinone, arbutin may also have a lightening effect on the skin (brightening those undesired marks from the sun and acne). As this is the third ingredient after water and glycerin, there is a good amount of arbutin in the product.

Argan oil (listed as Argania Spinosa kernel oil) is four on the list of ingredients, which bodes extremely well for users. This ingredient packs a powerful punch with a combination of vitamin E and linoleic acid, not to mention containing several skin soothing lipids and fatty acids. (Argan Oil is also natural source of the antioxidant ferulic acid.)

To name a few of the benefits, Ginkgo Biloba, being a fabulous source of flavonoids, is therefore a potent antioxidant. Specifically, it may help to fight the oxidative degradation of lipids in the cell membrane, which left unchecked can lead to inflammation and aging.

Adenosine is a cell-communicating ingredient that helps maintain healthy cellular activity along with providing anti-inflammatory benefits just to name a few.

While these just comprised a handful of the top ten ingredients which are present in and amounts sufficient to have benefits, the following ingredients are no less impressive making this an affordable luxury that I intend to refill my own supply of once I am done writing this review.

  • May 16, 2015

    by marta

    Hi Elizabeth, what an amazing story. I am so glad that potions and lotions helped get you through your surgery ordeal. I hope that you have made a full and lasting recovery. It sounds as if you have been amazingly brave and good humored.

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