Amarte Daily Exfolipowder

Reviewed by Linda on September 7, 2013


"Your skin is beautiful. Let's keep it that way." Those were the words I heard this week from my dermatologist. I'd gone in to check out a mole on my face, and she was encouraging me to use sunscreen. No problem with the mole, wonderful news - but best of all were those unexpected words: "Your skin is beautiful."

I'm convinced that adding Amarte Daily Exfolipowder to my skin care routine is responsible for my dermatologist's reaction. Before, the skin on my face was dull, flaky, prone to whiteheads ... not beautiful at all. I was tempted to pick at my face, which, of course, made everything worse. Now, after several weeks of washing with the Exfolipowder, my skin is soft, clear, and my pores seem to be growing smaller. I've stopped picking, and that, too, has had a calming effect. The new smoothness, and a noticeable glow - no more clogged pores or rough, patchy skin - these are exciting results for someone who always hated her skin.

I've been using the Exfolipowder to cleanse my face at night, following the package's somewhat vague instructions, shaking "a small amount" of the powder into my palm and mixing it with a little water. There's a learning curve, figuring out how much powder and how much water make a nice slurry. Too little water makes a skin-dragging paste; too much, no lather.

Corn starch is one of the main ingredients - you've probably used it to thicken a sauce when cooking. I went to my kitchen and tapped a palmful of corn starch into my hand, wondering if I added a little water and lathered it onto my face, would the results be the same? No - the slick sensation was very similar to the Exfolipowder, but the texture was different, and of course it didn't have the pleasant scent or active ingredients of the product.

The product is made up of a long list of ingredients, most of which were unfamiliar to me, but I researched them online.

I am pleased with Amarte Daily Exfolipowder, and I would recommend it as part of a cleansing routine. The bottle has lasted a very long time - I'm about two thirds of the way through it after several weeks' use. I'm intrigued by the mixture of natural and unusual ingredients (pearls?!), which seem to work together for a healing and smoothing effect. I'd say the price is reasonable, both for the amount of product, and its effectiveness.

And to hear these words from a dermatologist: "You have beautiful skin" - that's priceless!