amarte wonder cream

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 10, 2013


by Joanne

When Truth In Aging asked me if I would like to try Amarte Wonder Cream ($97 in the shop), I was delighted. My first step was to find out about this product. I have combination skin, so I like to familiarize myself with the product and ingredients before using. Their website was very informative and easy to maneuver. I found that this product will lighten freckles and sun spots. They suggest you use this cream twice daily.

When I received the cream, I couldn't wait to try it. My skin had some noticeable sun spots and discoloration and was rough to the touch and looked dry. I used Wonder Cream exclusively as directed for a few weeks. I am impressed with the results. My skin feels softer, looks brighter and is more hydrated. Sun spots are lighter and one in particular almost gone, with no irritation. 

On the last week of my trial, I felt comfortable enough with the product to add a glycolic peel to my night time ritual. I was amazed at how comfortable my skin felt after washing off the peel and adding the Wonder Cream. The next morning my skin looked renewed with a clarity I haven't seen for years.

Amarte Wonder Cream is packaged in an airless pump that looks sleek. Product freshness can be adversely affected by light, oxygen, microorganisms such as bacteria and molds. This can be an issue when creams are packaged in jars or tubes. Also the airless pump container blocks out air and light, which keeps the ingredients such as Retinol 1.0%, fresh.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their complexion in no time.