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An Interview with Elizabeth VanderVeer of Volante

dr. elizabeth vanderveer of volante
August 16, 2017 Reviewed by Holly Dawsey 1 Comment

We were introduced to Volante Skincare at last year’s Indie Beauty Expo in New York City. Impressed by their approach to anti-aging skin care and lineup of anti-inflammatory products, we requested samples and began stocking up on community recommendations — from a transformative eye cream to a firming face cream. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Elizabeth VanderVeer, MD, founder of the brand and author of The Anti-Aging Revolution. Her think on aging focuses on inflammation, an idea more industry insiders are starting to consider. “People worry about sun and pollution and other things that attack the skin, but no one has looked at what we are doing in our own bathrooms to cause aging,” she says. “With Volante, I’ve set out to de-age the appearance of skin in a new way — to offer freedom from skinflammation.” Read on for our full interview with the forward-thinking formulator.  

HD: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you end up in the skin care industry?

EV: “I started behind the cosmetic counter working for Dior in Nordstrom before going corporate for five years in New York. From there, I decided to go into the family business, which is medicine, and opened up my own anti-aging center in 2005. I’ve focused on the care of the skin for the last 15 years; however, I never became a dermatologist. Instead, I trained in internal medicine. Here, you look at skin very differently than a dermatologist would. We look at how we care for our other organs — the bigger picture.

We know inflammation is the cause of aging in our bodies. So, I started looking at the skin care offering and found that it was complete with pro-inflammatory products. It didn’t make clinical sense to me that we would use pro-inflammatory products on our skin. At the same time, I was trying to develop something in the office to be used post-procedure. We were causing bruising and peeling, and our patients wanted something that helped them heal faster. I started to play around with a blend of botanicals, and came up with a combination that seemed to heal the skin twice as fast. I began to give it to patients, and they kept coming back raving about the improvements in their skin. So, I made a topical product.

In working with real women and getting feedback in dynamic setting, I was able to create this patented blend that now powers every Volante product.”

HD: So, you were involved in every step of the 7VITAE formulation?

EV: “I did all of the mixing in my office at first. I carefully chose all seven ingredients myself. I think each is vital. They were picked because not only do they act as anti-inflammatory agents, but they also each do something to de-age the skin. For example, daisy flower suppresses melanin similar to hydroquinone but is non-toxic and isn’t harsh on the skin. Grapeseed is included because it is 200 times more potent than vitamin C, plus it’s stable and non-irritating. These ingredients are all superior in my opinion.

I then went to the largest organic lab where they helped me develop a recipe. Then, I took that to one of the top chemists, an emulsifying expert. He and I worked together for a year to formulate this recipe in to the first six products. From there, I went to a lab in LA to work with a chemist who specializes in serums and then to a color chemist who helped me put together the beautifully-pigmented formula in Healer Concealer.”

HD: You now have a bestselling book on Amazon, The New Anti-Aging Revolution. In it, it seems as if you wish to change the think on treating aging skin. You seem to have a less is more approach — do you think our multi-step regimens are accelerating aging?

EV: “The tagline is changing the way the world treats the skin. People get addicted to peels and scrubs and treatments. We know that two things accelerate aging: thinning the barrier and making it more photosensitive. Anything in our arsenal that breaks down that barrier or causes inflammation in skin is definitely going to accelerate aging. I am all about simple, uncomplicated and effective regimens. I’m not necessarily anti- this or that. I am pro decreasing inflammation and simplifying your routine. It’s never too early to start to decrease inflammation, and it is never too late to reverse the signs of aging caused by inflammation.”

HD: How would you define Volante?

EV: “The DNA of Volante is found in the botanical blend and the anti-inflammatory story. We have found a way to make the skin look substantially younger without inflaming it. We use a high concentration — 10 to 14 percent — of the botanical blend, which has been clinically proven, in every product. We then fortify the formula with targeted peptides, say for firming or hydrating. The problem today is that you can add fairy dust to a formula and make a major marketing claim. All of our formulas are made at clinical levels to which we can make substantial, clinical claims against. These are really effective products.”

HD: What is the one skin care rule you never disobey?  

EV: “I will never overdo it with exfoliation. One of the biggest problems in skin care, I think, is over-exfoliation.  The average consumer sees squeaky-clean, polished, shiny skin. But as a physician, I see redness, irritation and dilated blood vessels. When you feed the skin what it needs and don’t strip it, it responds quickly. Our botanical blend contains an exfoliating fruit enzyme that doesn’t break down alive and healthy skin. It only sloughs off the dead and damaged cells and allows the product to penetrate deeper. You’ll find it in every product, so you are getting gentle — key word — exfoliation every time you use one. This takes out the guesswork — what do I use, how often, when? You can’t overdo it.”

HD: What is the bestselling product and why do you think it is so popular?

EV: “The Radiant Glow Firming Body Serum. Returns of our body serum are non-existent, and consumers reorder three or four at a time. There is a white space here, and we are reflecting that with sales. There is nothing treating cellulite and crepey skin as an inflammatory disorder. The root cause is directly linked to inflammation and water-retention. That’s why when you go off of gluten and grains, which are shown to cause inflammation, your cellulite looks better. Most products create a temporary fix by dehydrating with ingredients like caffeine, but this serum works to reverse the actual cause. It also has a clinical level of the firming peptide Matrixyl 3000. Most formulators won’t use this peptide in body recipes because it is so expensive.”

HD: Everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, has a favorite child. What is your favorite product from the line?

EV: “Hmm. There are two that I can’t live without: The body serum and the cleanser. The body serum for all of the reasons we just talked about, but I also use it on the face. It works wonders on both areas, so it is the only product I travel with. The cleanser is the best ever. It takes off my waterproof and on-camera makeup and leaves my face just glowing. It also begins to prep and treat the skin.”

HD: What’s next for the company?

EV: “We will be launching a fragrance. It has the patented blend along with other healing ingredients. Our skin has more receptors than our nose for scent, so our bodies react to fragrance. I have created a really joyful fragrance that stops people in their tracks. The person wearing it — their mood elevates because the olfactory receptors are impacted. We also have a 100 percent physical sunscreen with zinc coming next spring. It is going to be a beautiful formula.”  

  • August 16, 2017

    by Marta

    Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to the Truth In Aging community and help us understand your refreshing and intelligent approach to anti-aging.

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