In Part One of our interview with Susan MacPherson, we learned her personal take on the medical beauty industry and her most frequent requests from clients. She also revealed her secret weapon- a triple threat of advanced anti-aging treatments.

As a licensed nurse practitioner with a background in plastic surgery, Susan has a unique perspective towards aesthetic enhancement. Always on the go, Susan travels constantly to attend medical conferences, to seek out the latest innovations in the field, and to perform practical demonstrations of cosmetic procedures for her colleagues internationally. Today, she divides her time between a practice in Massachusetts and a newly-opened holistic health, beauty, and fitness center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Without further ado, let’s continue our conversation with Susan MacPherson.

What’s your favorite skincare line, and how did you find it?

I’ve been traveling regularly to Europe, especially Italy and France, since the 1990’s. Women seem to take such good care of themselves and really pay attention to beauty in these countries. On each trip everywhere I went, I would visit the local pharmacies in search of all-natural products. Two years ago, by an auspicious twist of fate, I came across information about Dermophisiologique, a line of organic Italian skincare. And so, before my next trip to Tuscany, I scheduled a meeting with a medical representative from the company. I was won over by their thorough clinical evidence and intrigued that they had something for every type of indication, since skincare is a very individualized thing. I started using some samples right away and ordered some sets of basic products to give out to my best clients. After several weeks, I analyzed their skin and was wowed by the results. Every single one of my clients asked for more.

What makes Dermophisiologique so special?

I returned to Tuscany about a year and a half ago for a conference that gathered physicians to discuss Dermophisiologique and to participate in intensive training. For eight days, we were taught the science behind each product and trained by their best educators. We learned where Dermophisiologique’s ingredients come from and how effective they are. Each formula is nearly 100% organic and would certainly be certified organic in the U.S. Even pregnant mothers and newborn babies are completely safe to use these products. I was the first vendor to carry the Dermophisiologique line in the U.S., even though it has been available in Europe for over three decades. Dermophisiologique only has limited American distribution right now, but it has plans to launch in major cities throughout the U.S. this spring.

What do you think is the most desirable ingredient for aging skin?

Lactic acids. I used to love a line called Refinity because of its high lactic acid content, but then I realized that it’s full of chemicals so I don’t use it anymore. AHA’s are great for acne and rosacea. Dermophisiologique has a product with five acids in it called Eos peel. Right now, it is for professional use only, but Dermophisiologique is in the process of developing a medical-grade product for at home use.

What is going to be the next exciting entry in the field of cosmetic procedures?

For filler products, the next big thing is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) filler called Eleva, which was made and developed in Italy. Those Europeans are so innovative. The nice thing about the first generation PVA product was that it was developed for AIDS patients with facial atrophy, but there were some complications with it. The second generation PVA filler is a beautiful product, but it will be available in Canada before it gets approved in America, which probably won’t be for another 5-7 years. Although I haven’t yet used it on myself, I have tried it on a dozen or so friends. The company says that Eleva will last 12 months, but I know for a fact that its effects last longer than that. And the best part is that it can be used for every indication - lifting, volume, fine lines. One product fits all.

Apart from cosmetic enhancements, what do you recommend for improving overall wellbeing?

I have cancer and Alzheimer’s in my family, and we are all surrounded by so much pollution. Knowing that chemicals and free radicals are responsible for health problems and signs of premature aging, I try to go organic as much as possible. At Beauté Therapies, we offer Biophotonic Scanning to measure a person’s level of cartenoid antioxidant protection. This tool is quicker and more accurate than a blood test. Because antioxidants are our frontline defense against the free radicals that alter our cells, they have a critical impact on more than 50 health conditions. By finding out individual clients’ antioxidant scores, we can determine their nutritional level and make a supplement recommendation. Unfortunately, regular nutritional supplements are not all that effective because our cells can’t absorb the vitamins, which are just naturally excreted. We recommend supplements called LifePak Nano, which uses nano-technology to allow vitamins to enter cells with a low molecular weight.

What do you see as the future for anti-aging in general?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Women and men alike suffer from menopause symptoms, including weight gain, low libido, memory loss, fatigue, and stress. These symptoms can be successfully treated through individualized programs based on bioidentical hormone therapy. Bioidentical hormones are molecule-by-molecule exactly the same as the hormones present in the human body, unlike bio-similar or synthetic hormones. I have seen some of the best results with subdermal creams. Used on the wrists, these vehicles enable the hormones to be absorbed into the vascular system, restoring balance starting in six months. After doing a simple saliva test and receiving a customized medical plan, individuals can personally regulate the amount of cream applied to their wrists. Bioidentical hormone replacement, combined with nano-technology, is without a doubt the wave of the future in anti-aging technology.