There are many lovable things about my husband. And quite a few that are annoying - one of which is that he seems to have inherited from his mother a rare gene that prevents the formation of wrinkles. Any, possibly ever. I should have predicted that he would be dismissive of the Five Best Moisturizers for Men post of a few days ago (mostly chosen for the anti-aging ingredients). He suggested I'd be more usefully employed trying to find something against razor rash.

Well, I considered the gauntlet thrown, and have spent the last few days trying to find a good post shave potion. I liked the look Anthony Logistics After Shave Balm so much that I have ordered it (along with another Anthony product that is specifically for razor burn).

After Shave Balm has a bunch of skin soothers: aloe, apricot, squalane, allantoin and peppermint. In the case of acute soreness, there is even a local anesthetic in the form of benzocaine. And there are three vitamin anti-oxidants (A, C and E), whether he needs them or not.