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Anti-Aging Must-Haves

Anti-Aging Must-Haves for Your Desert Island
February 3, 2015 Reviewed by Marta 11 Comments

What if you were stuck on a deserted island? Food and water may be scarce, but you want to look your best for the helicopter rescue crew. I have rounded up my Anti-Aging Must Haves, or in other words, the essential kit. These are the anti-aging staples that I would not want to be without.

A cleanser

suki exfoliate foaming cleanser that packs a punch by gently but efficiently exfoliating, and its tangy scent will lift your spirits when escape from your paradise prison seems hopeless. This deep cleansing complexion rejuvenator contains alpha hydroxy acids to smooth and resurface skin, unclog pores and exfoliate dead cells. It will also clarify blemishes and is great for sensitive skin.

A toner and some

So much more than a toner, Sevani Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique ($39 in the shop) is a moisturizing, antioxidant spray mist with pomegranate and rose extract to reduce redness, puffy eyes, dryness, free radical damage and the appearance of broken capillaries. This mist also contains MSM to encourage collagen production, as well as hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated. The waft of rose scent as you spritz is divine. It you could only pack a single item, this might be the one to go with.

A good neck cream

I’m still scouting the world for a great neck cream, but will settle for really good one in the meantime with Osmotics Necollete Age Reversal for Neck & Chest ($63). It is as luxurious as it is powerful. Made with neck targeting anti-ager Essenskin, which is mostly calcium and essential amino acids, this active stimulates lumican, a lycoprotein that is important for firming skin. It also features Syn-Hycan tested it on women women aged 56 to 65 years with loose skin on face and forearms and claims that it “induced a significant decrease in sagging in 74% of the subjects after 56 days of twice-daily use”.

A serum with growth factors

We need to keep it simple on our desert island and cling to the anti-aging active you can trust – growth factors. There are several good ones to choose from, and a great one with a refreshingly simple formula is Medik8 Growth Factor ($160), which features the potent growth factor Sh-Oligopeptide-1. With hyaluronic acid and not much else, this is a serum that stays focused. 

A skin-firming mask

I’m always a little blown away by how good Royal Nectar Bee Venom Mask ($68) makes me look. Royal Nectar is super hydrating and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft. A quick reminder on bee venom: it contains at least 18 active substances and seems to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. There are other good things here, too. It also has something new to me called Easyliance. This is made from acacia (a tree indigenous to Africa) and rhizobian gum and it is supposed to make the skin feel smoother and tighter. See the video and read my review of Royal Nectar Bee Venom Mask.

A hydrating moisturizer

Packed with good for you oils, as well native New Zealand ingredients such as red algae, mamaku and harakeke, Moana Moisturiser ($78) makes even the driest skins come back to life. And this isn’t just one of those all-natural but doesn’t really work products – even the anti-aging skeptics have been won over by it.

A night cream

At night, you can go for the efficient anti-aging effects of retinol. Here in BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Radiance Concentrate ($125) there is a patented, encapsulated retinol complex to promote cell turnover without increasing photo-sensitivity (pretty handy on a desert island). This serum, which is all about improving the complexion, also contains a tripeptide-5 blend.

An eye cream

Innarah VenoDefense Eye Treatment Sèrum($150) is a hydrating eye serum that strengthens the connective tissue around the eye area while firming skin and smoothing fine lines. Its signature ingredient, apolactoferrin, is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and amino acids and it is a natural stimulant of hyaluronic acid production.

Note: This article was last updated on February 3, 2015.

  • February 4, 2015

    by Jody

    Well, eye creams/serums are my passion in terms of finding one that really does work. I've tried a couple and so far it's OK - just not anything to write home about it! ;-)
    I did order the Royal Nectar Bee Venom mask and like it so I'd be very interested in comparing their eye cream to some others I've tried here.

  • February 4, 2015

    by Janice

    It sure would bee sweet to win this face mask. My skin is so confused this winter - dryer than normal weather + early menopause = what just happened to my face?

  • February 4, 2015

    by Cecilia

    Right now I am in my problematic post menopausal years. And I am struggling to fight every last sign of aging as it appears. I am desperately searching for the fountain of youth.

  • February 3, 2015

    by pat

    My biggest problem area are my eyes I would love to try anything new in hopes of finding that perfect cream

  • February 3, 2015

    by Cindy

    Perfect timing on the Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream! I was just beginning a search for a new eye cream to help combat the fine lines under my eyes!!! I've been using the Royal Nectar Bee Venom Face Mask and love it! I would really like to test the eye cream and see if it's as good as the face mask!

  • February 3, 2015

    by sharon

    What about mitoq? Love this product although still looking for something to increase the density of the skin.

  • February 3, 2015

    by Lori

    Would LOVE to review the Royal Nectar eye cream. I am almost out of the eye serum I use and have been using over a year. My eye serum is one of my "can't live without products" and after not it using it this summer sagging, bagging and fine lines reared their ugly heads. Really, to give it up almost scares me. However, I'm always up for trying something new and since I had such excellent results from benir's bee venom cream I would love to compare the two brands and see the results from this cream to see if my holy grail serum really is the holy grail!

  • February 3, 2015

    by Naheed

    Hi Mara!
    I would love to try Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream. I have been searching for a good eye cream but nothing seems to work well. I love manuka honey and use it as regular face mask. Looks like this cream may have the magic potion for me. Addition of bee venom, Chamomile oil and green tea sounds great. Please give me a chance to try this to take care of wrinkles/laugh lines around my eyes.

  • February 3, 2015

    by ha

    I'd love to try this eye cream! I know TIA have raved about Royal Nectar Bee Venom for years now. I've been getting a lot less sleep lately and realizing my eye bags are getting worse! I'm into reading and trying new anti aging products. I love sharing my thoughts and reviews with my friends and family on new products. I always end up telling them to go to TIA to for honest reviews and research.

  • February 3, 2015

    by Karen

    I have tried hundreds of eye creams to help with crepey skin around my eyes. And nothing has worked. I am in a very ageist business (entertainment) so my desire to improve my skin is not just vanity, but is also business related! I would love to try the bee venom because that is one I have definitely not tried. Thank you!

  • September 19, 2013

    by susan


    As always, I love reading your take on these products. My predicament with your site and what you offer in the shop is that it is really hard for me to decide what to get! That said, I have to say that if I were to add one item to your already comprehensive list, I would put Medik8 Firewall on there, too. I can hardly believe the difference in my skin from that one. I'm going to the shop as I need to order my second bottle but there is absolutely a noticeable firmness from that product. It takes a few weeks to happen happened.

    How I love your sleuthing for this site, Marta!


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