Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water, which contains concentrated anti-oxidants and claims to "promote healthy aging", is set for a November launch in the USA. Anti Ageing Products, the company behind the it, claims it is“the world’s first patented resveratrol beverage". Now, I thought that a resveratrol beverage was a glass of vino.

Resveratrol is the stuff in wine that makes it the powerful anti-ager responsible for the "French paradox". The problem is that you have to drink a lot of wine to get enough resveratrol to live longer. Trials on mice had good results with the equivalent of a few hundred bottles a day –  even for enthusiastic wine drinker such as myself, this is several hundred too many.

Supplements are not much more successful, despite Dr Oz touting them all over the internet. Resveratrol isn’t well assimilated by the body. It is extremely well absorbed by the body and then ejected. Various tests have shown that resveratrol quickly winds up in urine.

So if you really want to piss away your expensively acquired antixodants, consume them in bottled water. And you'll be able to do that in only a few days courtesy of Anti Ageing Products.  Before you do though, we are consigning Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water to the Dept of Daft.