Reviewed by Cristina

I was so happy to see that TIA chose Arbonne RE9 Corrective Eye Cream ($45) for me to review. It is one of the eye creams I had on my (lengthy) list to try.

Arbonne uses some great ingredients and lots of them. In the line-up are several flower, seed and fruit extracts as well as some nice actives and peptides. The cream smells like oranges and absorbs quickly.

I used it for the full 5 weeks to give it the best chance of working for me. I am 48 with normal skin, with the eye area being the area that needs the most attention. After reading raves about this cream, I was hopeful, especially when I read that people were having good results with the lightening of sun spots.

After 5 weeks, I can report no difference in the 2 closely monitored sun spots I have on my lids.

The  cream is nicely hydrating, not too rich (no millia and I am prone to them), and the pump can dispense a tiny amount at a time. That's a good thing because at $50.00 for 1/2 an ounce, I was very careful about not wasting any. The container is deceiving, though. It looks like it's a one ounce pump, so that was a little disappointing.

Over all, I think if I had $100.00 to spend on an ounce of eye cream, I would want some lightening/brightening, some difference in the puffiness and some reduction in the fine lines- not just a good moisturizer.

So I can cross this one off my list and keep looking.