arcona booster defense serum

Reviewed by admin on August 1, 2014

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Have you ever been to a school reunion, and you looked around at all the beauties and thought, “So, that’s what we look like?” Even when the beauties are definitely still beautiful, we aren’t as young as we used to be. We have lines and spots and some discoloration in our skin. We are not model perfect. Seriously, at our age, I would debate if models are even model perfect. That was until I started using some of the Truth In Aging products. This last trial has been for the Arcona Booster Defense Serum ($68).

When you look up Arcona Booster Defense Serum on the internet, you find that it is a product that keeps on changing. Some people have sworn by it, only to find the newer formulas have not been as promising as earlier ones were. I am not sure, from all this discussion, if the people at Arcona have finally stabilized their product. If their goal of deep cellular regeneration is the point of all the tweaking, however, they are definitely on the right path.

I love this product. It is easy to apply and non-greasy, and it works well with everything else in my regimen. While it definitely tightened my skin up right away, the real benefits started to show after about six to eight weeks. The quality in my late-40s skin changed. Despite a serious illness, everybody thought I was glowingly healthy. It drew out some deep imperfections, and settled some others. While it is meant to work well with scarring, there is a small facial condition that it didn’t clear up for me. Yet, normal skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines and the pastiness that can come as we move into our late-40s and 50s have all but disappeared. With a good cleansing and moisturizing regimen to supplement, this is an excellent product. All I can say is, “More! More!”