Arcona Cranberry Gommage 3.4 oz

Reviewed by Beth on December 20, 2013


Nothing makes your skin glow and look brighter and healthier like a great exfoliator. Arcona Cranberry Gommage ($44) is such an exfoliant! Exfoliators help remove dead skin cells, paving the way for the newbies. Whether you have dry, flaky skin or oily build-up, you will enjoy this product. In fact, this product is suitable for all skin types. Being in my late 40’s with very sensitive skin, I am always slightly concerned when using an exfoliator but my concerns were for naught. This Arcona product was gentle and effective. Whereas some exfoliators have large particles that can do more harm than good, Arcona’s pure, natural ingredients are tiny and non-abrasive.   

Exfoliators keep skin soft and glowing, keep your pores from clogging, speed up your skin’s natural renewal process, and help your moisturizers penetrate even better.  

Although I’m in my 40s, I still struggle with pimples and blackheads. Since I’ve been using the Arcona product for the past four weeks, my skin is noticeably clearer and healthy. I used the product twice a week, on a warm wash cloth, and gave special attention to the areas around my mouth, nose and chin. I used it at night, so my nighttime moisturizer could really absorb. It’s important not to use this or any other exfoliator around the eye area.    

Arcona Cranberry Gommage contains jojoba beads and volcanic minerals to exfoliate, cleanse and stimulate circulation.  Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and helps with skin’s circulation, as well. The cranberry and raspberry enzymes gently exfoliate and yes, it smells delicious and clean! And I love the fact that the antioxidants help reduce free radical damage and guard against aging! What more could one ask for?!

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