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Arcona Cranberry Toner Review

is a Solution for:
Acne, Combination Skin, Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
arcona cranberry toner
June 15, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
An efficient and effective product that multi-tasks as a toner, cleanser and makeup remover


Is gentle and soothing


The bottle tends to leak

by Mare

My first impressions of the Arcona Cranberry Toner ($32) were mixed. I love Love LOVE the visual of the pink, sparkly swirling potion in the bottle! I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I didn't actually use it for three days as it stayed on my desk so I could shake it and watch it swirl around in the bottle. I wasn't so taken with the fruity-children's-perfume smell. It's quite powerful at first, and I was sure I wasn't going to get very far with my review of the toner. I was wrong.

I've never been a toner devotee. (Is there such a thing?) However, I find myself quite surprised at how often I use it and how I've used it. Perhaps because it's such a great multi-tasker as a toner, cleanser and makeup remover. Witch hazel has long been a favorite of mine for removing any remaining dirt and closing pores after washing. My guess is the rice powder is what contributes to the silky feeling left behind after it dries. The cranberry and other botanical antioxidants have subtlety improved the texture of my skin over the past month. It's not enough to replace my serum, but I think it complements my other skincare products well.

To test it as a make-up remover I saturated a cotton round with Arcona Cranberry Toner and (crossed my fingers as I) wiped it across my eyelids. I expected it would be too harsh or ineffective. Wrong on both counts. There was no stinging; not even a tingle! And would you believe it took off all my eyeshadow and eyeliner? It took a few swipes, but it did the job well!

I really like Arcona Cranberry toner. Even the smell. What I thought of as medicinal and cloying at first, seems to have mellowed into a bright cranberry fragrance that dissipates as soon as it's dried. I applied it with my fingers a few times to get a sense of the texture of the toner, wet and dried. There's a slight tackiness when it's wet, but once it's dry it's smooth and silky on my skin. My only real complaint is the leaking bottle. I opened it, recapped it, tried different angles or "pumping techniques," but it continued to leak. It's not a lot, just annoying.

Everything else seems as promised by Arcona. It's gentle. It's efficient and effective. I find it soothing and my skin feels smoother. If I had only one bottle, I would keep it at work for makeup fixes or a quick swipe/splash to refresh my face. I'm definitely buying more when I finish this bottle. I just need to decide if I need a bottle at work AND at home? One for the car, too? Gym bag?!?

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