arcona cranberry toner

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Danielle on December 19, 2014


For as long as I’ve been old enough to have a skin care regimen, I’ve always considered a toner to be a necessary staple. But to be honest, I’ve never had any one toner that I was particularly attached to — just ones that seemed adequate enough for the job. At 26 years old with acne-prone combination skin, my main needs are a product that won’t be drying or cause me to break out.

Perhaps it’s shallow, but I was initially drawn to the Arcona Cranberry Toner ($32) because of how pretty it is. With its elegant translucent bottle revealing a shimmering pink swirl of product, this toner is sure easy on the eyes! Fortunately, the ingredients are just as attractive. With its mix of rice milk, witch hazel, cranberry fruit and grape seed, the formula is hydrating, nourishing, anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. And the scent is amazing! It doesn’t linger for long after being applied, but upon pumping a splash of the Arcona toner onto a cotton ball, I’m met with a wave of fruity, cranberry deliciousness. For me, this was one of my favorite aspects of the product. But for someone who is sensitive to scents, it could be a turn-off.

So, did this fragrant product get along with my skin? Well, first and foremost, I didn’t experience any drying or breakouts, which is usually enough for me to continue with a toner until it runs out. But even better was that I found it to be sufficiently cleansing, removing traces of makeup I didn’t realize my face wash had left behind. It also feels incredibly hydrating — I still needed to use a moisturizer with this, but it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight as some toners are inclined to do.

Arcona has opened my eyes and made me realize that a toner can be more than just “adequate.” This toner is likely to become a new staple in my regimen, as well as a new accent for my dresser, as I think it’s pretty enough to qualify as décor.