Arcona Infinite Odyssey Body Wash 8 oz

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by ValerieB on June 15, 2013


After meeting with the folks from Arcona at TIA headquarters, the reps were kind enough to leave our team with generous goodie bags. I am still working my way through mine, but one product that I fell in love with almost immediately – was the Arcona Infinite Odyssey Body Wash ($28 in the shop). And not just because of its beautiful lavender color (I’m a fan of purple). Like all Arcona products, the body wash is all natural, and you can be sure that every ingredient had been carefully considered before it ended up in the bottle.

I never thought I’d like a “green” body cleanser because the ones I’ve used in the past never provided enough foaming action for my taste. But the Mukti Pink Grapefruit Bath and Shower Gel  was the first to change my mind. I still use the Mukti shower gel and may never go back to drugstore brands, most of which contain sodium lauryl sulfate and/or other harsh chemical surfactants. And then there’s Arcona’s lavender-hued body wash.

Infinite Odyssey (such a regal name) has a rich lather that comes courtesy of yucca root extract and coconut-derived decyl glucoside. And the second ingredient is one of my favorite skin softeners, shea butter. The body wash also contains witch hazel, an anti-inflammatory, as well as fruit extracts (tangerine, cranberry, mango) and calming flower extracts galore. I love how the floral fragrance, from essential oils, lingers in the air after each shower and subtly on my skin. It’s a pampering experience – and my new purple obsession.