Arcona Lavender Hydrasol 2 oz

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on December 28, 2013


by Lynne

When I was asked to review the Arcona Lavender Hydrasol ($40), I did not hesitate to say yes. This is a brand I have been wanting to try, I love the smell of lavender, and I am addicted to hydrosols. But don't think I'm biased here. I generally rely on hydrosols from Evan Healy and Yuli Skincare, so my standards are high. My skin is normal to oily, with some uneven skin tone from sun damage that I am constantly battling.

Arcona Lavender Hydrasol comes in a sleek glass bottle and looks nice for display. Arcona promises that this "hydrating spritz moisturizes, soothes and hydrates skin, to leave it fresh, glowing and ageless." As I just passed yet another birthday in the 40s range in the midst of testing the Lavender Hydrasol, I can't say it lived up to the ageless part. However, the spritz had a light scent that I found pleasing and reminiscent of summer. The lavender was not overpowering, but was just enough to enjoy and want more of. My skin felt lightly hydrated and moisturized after use. I like to use hydrosols before I put on a serum, and my skin did not have any bad reactions to this.  

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I used up this bottle quickly. But would I purchase Arcona Lavender Hydrasol again? I found that I was instead reaching for my stash of Evan Healy and Yuli elixirs, which pack more of a punch in terms of product ingredients, which my skin craves. If you are looking for something light and simple, you may like this hydrasol. My skin requires something a little more nourishing, especially as we hit the winter months.