Arcona Magic Dry Ice

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on January 18, 2014

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by Darcy

I started using Arcona Magic Dry Ice ($52) because of how dry my skin gets once winter arrives in full force. It smelled fruity and felt fresh on my face. It dissolved without a film, which is normal for me with just about anything since my skin tends to really soak up moisture. The only problem was that it seemed to have caused a burn on my upper outer lip area. This could have been due to a drastic drop in temperature where I live, or to the fact that my skin is on the sensitive side, but it left me a little worried. So after the first week, I started mixing it with a basic shea butter lotion.

I’m in my 30s so my biggest hope was that this lotion would get rid of all flakiness on my face, rather than reduce wrinkles or lines. The skin between my eyebrows, which was a little flaky when I started my trial, stayed flaky for weeks after I began using the product. I was using it once or twice a day – in the morning after washing my face, at night after the same, or both. Only in my fourth week trying it (and after I had gone on a trip to Florida) did that dry skin disappear, so it’s hard to tell if it was because of the change in weather or the Dry Ice lotion.

Overall, I’m not really sure the product is worth the price, although I did like the feeling of it and the fact that it was loaded with antioxidants.