Arcona Overnight Cellular Repair Complex 1 oz

Reviewed by Kelly on January 8, 2014

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I have been testing the Arcona Overnight Cellular Repair Complex ($62) and to be honest I wasn’t initially sure what this cream was supposed to do. The Arcona website states this cream is deeply nourishing and restores balance in the skin while you sleep. It does this with lots of organic and botanical ingredients: rich jojoba, raspberry and rose hip deliver hydration. Resveratrol and black currant oil neutralize free radicals. Collagen synthesis is provided by rutin and ursolic acid. More antioxidants and moisturizing agents than I can mention are included in this product with natural color and preservatives that don’t muck up the integrity of the cream.

Researching cellular repair (not to be confused with a cracked iPhone screen), I found that our skin is in constant attack from sources inside and outside our bodies. UV rays, infrared radiation, pollution and lifestyle factors prematurely age the skin. Enter antioxidants, whose primary job it is to prevent and repair damage to your body’s tissues from say, a weekend trip to New Orleans. It does this by slowing or preventing the effect of free radicals, nasty little atom mutants that damage the DNA in cells. They also protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and encourage cell and tissue growth, very helpful since we are constantly shedding and regrowing cells. And the icing on the cake is antioxidants protect collagen, which is the foundation for blood vessels and connective tissue.

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Arcona Overnight Cellular Repair Complex is packaged in a 1 oz. jar. It is a delicate pink color and the smell is very pleasant. The texture of the cream is thick and slightly tacky but spreads very easily. There is an immediate flush of color as I massage the cream into my skin leaving it dewy and feeling like satin. I'm in my 50s and have had no problems with breakouts from the richness of the cream. Used only at night and only when needed, it is a great addition to my Riiviva Microderm Device ($299) microdermabrasion routine. Selling for $58.00, I was initially discouraged by the tiny 1 oz. jar. Upon discovery that only a tiny amount is needed plus the sheer quantity of exotic botanicals it contains, I decided this wonderful cream is actually a bargain that should be a part of every good skin regime.

I recently went to New Orleans for the Boudin, Bourbon and Beer Fest which was not for the faint of heart. My cellular repair went with me. Eating, drinking and staying up way too late were no match for Arcona’s Overnight Cellular Repair Complex. With the help of lots of water, it kept my skin looking luminous and hydrated. No one would have known how much fun I had! Two thumbs up for Arcona Overnight Cellular Repair Complex.

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