arcona reozone spf 20

Reviewed by Kath on January 26, 2014


I am a big fan of the Arcona Reozone 40 SPF 40 tinted moisturizer ($22), which gives a lot of bang for the buck, so I was eager to try Arcona Reozone SPF 20 ($28). The Reozone 20 SPF is not tinted, but goes on invisibly and soaks into the skin very well, without any greasy residue whatsoever. Makeup glides right on over it (whether powder, mineral or cream foundation). I have even applied a primer, then the Arcona Reozone, and then a regular cream foundation, then a little powder, with no streaks or problems with blending.

It is hard to report on the sunblock quality of this product as I was using it during the darkest days of the year, when sunscreen becomes less necessary. The Arcona Reozone does contain zinc oxide, but does not leave you with a pasty white Kabuki look.

The ingredient list says the product contains aloe vera, though I can't remark that this made any difference in how it felt going on or whether it provided any of the well-known soothing qualities aloe vera is famous for. The product packaging also said it contained "vitamin E and antioxidants to protect against future sun damage," which is difficult to prove.

Although I am prone to breakouts (especially when trying new products) I didn't notice any problems with them, and after a week of using it, I can report that Arcona Reozone Protect SPF 20 seems to be an excellent product that does what it says: provides a lightweight daily sunblock while allowing layering of other makeup products. It also worked well on the neck, hands and decolletage.