Arcona Tabula Rasa 1.17 oz

Reviewed by Mary Ann on January 1, 2014


I had such high hopes for the Arcona Tabula Rasa ($26). I’ve read so many amazing reviews of Arcona products on Truth In Aging that I really believed I had finally found my blemish-fighting formula.

Unfortunately I was left disappointed. Arcona Tabula Rasa promises to fight spot-specfic acne, heal blemishes, reduce enlarged pores, soothe ingrown hairs and razor burn and combat skin eruptions, AM or PM. I don’t break out too often but when I do it’s rather noticeable on my skin. Unfortunately, the product didn’t do anything to heal my blemishes or reduce redness. I applied just as directed, with a cotton swab, so my fingers wouldn’t touch the inflicted area.

I did not try Arcona Tabula Rasa on ingrown hairs or razor burn so I cannot comment on that. Perhaps I was the wrong candidate to try this product since most Arcona reviews on the site are quite positive. This product may be more suited for people with a more serious acne problem who could use this product regularly. Since my blemishes are not consistent and somewhat rare, I only used the product a few days out of the month long trial.

While Arcona Tabula Rasa wasn’t a good fit for me, it does not deter me from trying other Arcona products in the future.

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