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ASDM Beverly Hills Oxygen Plus Serum Review

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Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines
ASDM Beverly Hills Oxygen Plus Serum
July 27, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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While it may not be ideal for daily use, this mega-moisturizer is choice when your skin needs extra TLC (think post-peel)


Hydrates and soothes skin without leaving a heavy or sticky feel


No significant improvement in lines or other signs of aging

By Jennifer M

Although I have aging fifty-something skin, I’ve never had a problem with my complexion — it’s neither dry nor oily. Given the other facial products I use daily, I don’t often find the need for additional moisturizers, especially as they can leave my face feeling sticky, heavy or greasy. So I was a bit hesitant to add a serum to my already-long list of products. Still, the idea of increasing the moisture level of my skin and thus regaining some of that soft, plump feel my daughter’s youthful cheeks have was pretty appealing — enough so that I happily agreed to test ASDM Beverly Hills Oxygen Plus Serum ($39). I’m glad I did.

First of all, this serum is reasonably priced and could easily last a couple of months. The bottle has an easy-to-use pump, which dispenses exactly the correct amount for one application (just a pea size). The product itself has a light gel-like consistency and does not, as I was relieved to find, leave any kind of heavy or greasy feel to the skin. It’s a clear, odorless gel that absorbs readily. Upon application, my skin had a dewy, soft feel that lasted for several minutes; however, this faded as the serum absorbed fully.

The directions indicate that a small amount of product should be applied both morning and evening. I began my trial by applying the serum as the first step in my skin routine, right after cleansing. This proved to be a bit of problem for me, because when I tried to apply a second product to my skin a few minutes later, it just seized up and refused to absorb. I contacted the folks at ASDM Beverly Hills to ask if it mattered at what point in my skin care lineup I applied the serum and received a prompt response.

The makers of this serum suggested waiting at least five minutes before applying other products on top. When I gave the five-minute wait a shot, additional products appeared to absorb normally. However, I remain a bit concerned that applying this serum first might inhibit the full absorption of subsequent products, so I’ve since been applying it after other products I routinely use, like MitoQ and Brad. The Oxygen Serum seems to absorb just as well used this way.

Oxygen Plus Serum is formulated both to aid in cellular metabolism by delivering oxygen to the skin and to increase moisture levels, helping to give skin a plumper look. While I have not seen or felt any significant difference since the twice-daily addition of this serum, I’m not giving up on it. (The fact that I live in the humid Ohio River Valley and it’s the steamiest part of the year must be factored in.) There are a few reasons I’m going to keep it around, one of which is that I’m fairly confident this serum may provide just the additional boost of moisture my skin needs come fall and winter when the weather is drier. 

Plus, while I don’t feel the need to use this product on a daily basis, I have found it to be a very valuable post-peel treatment. I recently added three peels a week, and I’m reluctant to over-burden my skin with any other heavy-hitting products after treatments. The Oxygen Plus Serum has proven to be a perfect follow-up to peels. Any lingering sensitivity, burning, tingling or drying that occur are cooled, soothed and moisturized with this serum.

Unsurprisingly, the brand specifically touts it as a great post-peel treatment and rightfully so: The serum contains perfluorodecalin, an ingredient utilized in some medical applications because of its ability to provide extra oxygen to a specific location and accelerate wound healing. In addition, the serum contains arnica montana, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herb, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Not only is HA a powerful moisturizer, but it is also said to promote new skin cell growth after peelings.

All told, ASDM Beverly Hills Oxygen Plus Serum proved to be a well-received addition to my skin care regimen, and I feel comfortable recommending it to others. If, like me, you’re looking to add a touch of moisture to your skin, but shy away from heavier creams and lotions, this is a very reasonably priced serum that also shines as a great post-peel treatment.       

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