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ASDM Beverly Hills Tinted UV Physical Facial Sunscreen SPF 35+ Review

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Sun Protection for Face
ASDM Beverly Hills Tinted UV Physical Facial Sunscreen SPF 35+
August 4, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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This physical sunblock feels and looks good on skin


Made with natural ingredients, fast absorbing, and can double as a tinted moisturizer



By Karen P.

I’ve had the opportunity to try several products and write reviews for Truth In Aging, but I have never admitted something that is so important to me. I would once consider myself to be makeup addict, watching tutorials and often going to the high-end beauty counters in an attempt to replicate what I wanted for my latest “look.” But since becoming a member of the TIA community over six years ago, I admit that I’m now more of a skin care junkie.

In this stage of my life (late 50s), I’ve actually come to love my skin, especially on my face. It's a combination of normal and dry. Having used multiple products as better ones became available for my specific concerns, my face is free of wrinkles with very few lines, glowing, and healthy. As a matter of fact, my skin gets complimented frequently by the counter girls I used to purchase products from.

The latest product I was asked to review, ASDM Beverly Hills Tinted UV Physical Facial Sunscreen ($25), was of great interest to me, as I have never been able to find a sunscreen for the face that I really like using. I have literally gone through 30 or more versions over the past six years, as we often vacation at the beach. For me, though, sunscreen is a must when I go anywhere. It protects the skin and offsets premature aging. I hoped to find my Holy Grail in ASDM Beverly Hills.

There’s a big difference between chemical and physical sunscreens. Primarily, a chemical sunscreen needs to be applied about 20 minutes before sun exposure, as it sinks into to skin and ultimately absorbs UV rays. There are studies I found that identified ingredients in chemical sunscreens may have negative effects on the body. The ingredients in physical sunscreens sit on the surface of skin to deflect light and can be applied with no downtime.

ASDM Beverly Hills Physical UV Facial Sunscreen has a broad spectrum SPF 35, so it protects against both UVA and UVB light. The key ingredients in this lotion are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It also contains watermelon oil, which is said to protect cells from everyday toxins and promote cell renewal, plus a number of skin hydrators and soothing ingredients.

It was love at first pump. The pump puts out a lot of product, so a caution when using it: Pump it out with a light hand, as not to waste it.  The sunscreen is super creamy with absolutely no scent (I couldn’t believe it!), stickiness or white caste. I had no problem when adding it to my regular skin care regimen that consists of cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. However, it’s important to note that the sunscreen should be quickly massaged into the skin to prevent potential pilling.

ASDM Beverly Hills’ tinted block can be used as a primer for the face, in the event that you do want to put makeup on over it, or it can be worn alone. The product does have a light tint to it, but quickly blends into your skin tone. I even tried it on several friends who are not fair like me. The sunscreen didn’t dry out my skin, but instead gave it a radiant glow. It easily layers as you reapply it throughout the day and isn’t heavy or greasy like so many others I’ve tried.

This sunscreen far exceeded my expectations. It is the only sunscreen I can say that I love and look forward to applying daily. I didn’t experience any negative side effects whatsoever with this product, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s non-irritating. I have finally found my HG sunscreen!


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