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Astara Botanical Cleansing Gele Review

is a Solution for:
Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
astara botanical cleansing gele
July 2, 2014 Reviewed by Darlene 0 Comments
TRU Rating
A gentle and effective cleanser that cleans without drying and prevents breakouts


Leaves skin smooth, soft and radiant



I don't like sharing, especially when it's something that looks good on me, works for me or helps me look my best, which just about covers what this little gem is doing for me. I have been wonderfully blessed that almost every product I've received from Truth In Aging to review has been a grand slam, and the Astara Botanical Cleansing Gel ($19/2 oz) is nothing short of a miracle.

I am very partial to many of the products I use on a consistent basis, good, bad or indifferent, I've used some of them for decades simply because they seem to work for me. As far as facial cleansing, I've been partial to Clear Skin Sensitive Face Wash for over a decade because it does what I need it to do. I have very sensitive combination skin that can get either oily or dry depending upon the atmosphere, and at my age there are still times when I experience mild bouts of adult acne, which is extremely frustrating for a newly 61-year-old grandma. For this reason, I've remained loyal to Clear Skin because it's helped me to keep outbreaks under control much of the time. I don't experience many breakouts; they’re usually brought on by stress, certain cranky foods or falling asleep in my makeup... yes, I said it. The sole caveat of using it is that it does leave my face very dry if I don't immediately apply a moisturizer on it soon after washing, and it can irritate in that regard.

That said, Astara Botanical Cleansing Gele is my new champion and warrior princess in the arena of face cleansing. It’s a fabulous cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry; I've even fallen asleep without a moisturizer and my face was not tight or irritated when I wake in the morning. Of course, I don't advise this, but sometimes we get distracted. It only takes a pump or even a few drops in the palm of my hand with a little warm water or simply wetting my face and putting a dollop of it on a dry facial brush and it works wonderfully either way. I'm unsure how long the bottle itself will last, but I've read that it can last up to six months.

I'm not one to jump on products that I feel are outrageously over-priced, no matter what they say they do or may genuinely accomplish, but this one time I'm willing to spend the extra hard-earned bucks. I went to Laguna Cliffs and Las Vegas last month, and it was definitely in my bag and yes, we walked in areas of the desert under the hot sun and I even fell asleep in my makeup, twice, and NO BREAKOUTS! Not one zit! Imagine that! 

Astara says that the cleanser is good for all skin types, and I cannot imagine that not being the case. It has a wonderful fruity scent that I enjoy. It has aloe vera and algae extract and is combined with other refreshing botanicals that include grapefruit, lemongrass and lavender that work to soothe and soften the skin. It also restores smoothness and radiant vitality to the skin.

Of course, it may not work for everyone as well as it is working for me. But this is a wonderful product that I am ecstatic about. Had I not took the leap and tried this, I'd have missed out on something that is now a major player in the maintaining of my face and neck. Added to this gem is the fact that I'm still using the Astara Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer I reviewed just prior to this. The two together are some major players on the field of anti-aging face recovery. Gentle and effective are the last descriptive words I'll leave you with.

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