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Astara Botanical Eye Treatment Review

is a Solution for:
Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes
astara botanical eye treatment
February 22, 2014 Reviewed by Monica 0 Comments
TRU Rating
A natural eye cream that moisturizes but doesn't firm or tighten


Delivers a decent amount of moisture


Does not depuff or firm wrinkles

After trying Astara Botanical Eye Treatment ($52) for the last month, I find myself strangely on the fence about the product. As a self-diagnosed eye cream addict, I found this product to be unique in a number of ways, but at the end of the day, I feel that, unfortunately, the eye treatment likely isn’t one I’ll continue to purchase. That said, this is a personal decision based on to below reasons, and I would absolutely recommend the product to someone looking for a decent, natural-ingredient eye cream.

I’m in my late twenties and for the last 6-8 years, I have found myself increasingly obsessed with anti-aging, specifically around the eye area since, at my age, that’s where most signs of aging seem to appear.  That said, I currently have a few light wrinkles – nothing major – but I obviously want to do everything in my power to slow down any additional aging signs. I’ve tried a variety of creams, serums, light therapy, microdermabrasion, microcurrent facelifts, eye-area exercises, and a variety of other options.  Obviously I am open to trying all forms of anti-aging, in hopes of finding some products I find truly beneficial. Thus, I was intrigued when TIA offered up the suggestion of Astara Botanical Eye Treatment. After a cursory Google search, I discovered that the product was made of natural ingredients (as suggested by the name) and seemed to have pretty positive reviews. I quickly decided that this was a product I wanted to try and eagerly awaited its arrival.

While I appreciate items made of natural ingredients, I am not someone who cares all that much about the natural versus synthetic arguments running rampant across the web. My main concern: does the product work? That said, like with everything, I believe in doing my research before I slather anything across my face. I was interested to discover that the Astara Botanical Eye Treatment’s leading ingredient was Wild Yam Extract (Dioscoria Villosa). Wild Yam Extract is an ingredient harvested from a vine usually found in North America and is sometimes used in postmenopausal hormone therapy because it is said to mimic effects of estrogen. It is used in creams and supplements and is said to do a variety of things, from helping arthritis and improving fertility to reducing puffiness around the eye. The claims are mostly unsubstantiated at this point in time, but there do seem to be a number of adamant supporters. The next two ingredients listed are panax ginseng root extract and ginkgo biloba extract – interestingly, these two ingredients together are often found in dietary supplements to support memory and focus. In the Astara Eye Treatment, they are intended to work together to increase blood-flow and protect the skin, which likely assists in the unsubstantiated de-puffing of the eye area.

After I’d done my research, I was convinced that the product likely wouldn’t harm my eye area and was willing to give it a good try (though I did read a few reviews complaining that the parabens in the product caused irritation for a few people). I used the product once every night before bed, just around the eye area, after cleansing and toning. I did not feel any tingling or tightening of the skin, but the product did go on easily and absorbed quickly. There is no particular scent (or at least, not that I noticed), which is a nice change of pace from a lot of eye creams. The product itself is a white substance (more creamy than gel) and is not particularly sticky or greasy. It absorbs pretty cleanly and caused absolutely no reaction – in fact, I could never tell I was wearing it after the first ten minutes.  It offered a decent amount of moisture, but I did not notice any de-puffing around my eye area, nor did it appear to help, hide, firm, or fill in any of my minor wrinkles. I don’t usually get dark circles around my eyes, so I can’t speak to its result on those. Overall, it was better than not wearing any eye cream, but, in my opinion, it works only as well as many other middle-of-the-road eye creams do. That said, it does so using natural ingredients, which is a plus for many people. Would I use it again? Sure. Will I go out of my way to get more? Absolutely not – with all of the options out there, I’m looking for a product that makes me take notice, rather than just fitting the bill.

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