Astara Skin Care Golden Flame Hydration Mask 1.3 oz

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 20, 2013


by Eileen

I was fortunate to try the gentle and hydrating Astara Skin Care Golden Flame Hydration Mask ($46) at a time when I really needed it.  I'm 56 and my skin has been on a strange hormonal swing from dry and sensitive to combination and everything in between. The colder weather is bringing about some added redness and stinging.

This highly hydrating mask is moisturizing without affecting the oily parts of my combination skin, leaving me feeling refreshed and soothed with a nice glow to boot! This is the result of its cucumber extract and aloe vera, which relieve dry, irritated tissue, and the sodium hyaluronate, which holds moisture in cells. As a testament to its gentleness, the instructions even say you can keep the Astara Skin Care Golden Flame Hydration Mask on overnight.

The first time I tried the mask, I had been out boating on a cold, windy day, and my skin was craving some hydration. I used it on my face overnight, and found it to be soothing and anti-inflammatory, with an added bonus of a calming chamomile and comfrey leaf scent.

As I mentioned earlier, my skin has suddenly become quite unpredictable. I think this would be the perfect mask for anyone with sensitive skin, as not only I, but also my daughter who has trouble finding products that don't irritate her, absolutely loved it.

Bottom line: when you're not looking for a mask promising aggressive results, the Astara Skin Care Golden Flame Hydration Mask is an all-around pleasing, hydrating, and soothing product.