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Ava Anderson

May 9, 2011 Reviewed by admin 3 Comments
The Ava Anderson skincare line began with Ava, a 14 year old girl (in 2008) that became disturbed with all of the harmful ingredients in cosmetics due to a study from the Environmental Working Group. Being unable to find suitable skin care solutions, she formed her own company, each ingredient in her products rate a ZERO on Cosmetic Database.

The Good:
As noted before, all of their products rate zero on cosmetics database, and “Ava products contain no PEGs, no phthalates, no parabens, no SLS, no 1,4 dioxane, no ‘fragrance’.” Neurotoxicity is a concern in some fragrances. This company wants you to know what’s in their products so expect to see clear labeling on plain product containers. There is a lot of variety from Ava Anderson, consumers can buy a whole new bathroom full of goodies including cleansers, lipstick, foundation, makeup remover, lotion, soaps, sanitizers, body gel, and shampoo.

The Bad:
Prices might be a little steep for some, $99.95 for a skincare set and the depth of some of the offerings might not suit individuals. Four shades of lip gloss and four shades of lipstick are extremely limited compared to the multitude of colors coming from major brands.

Ava Anderson might just be the beauty line that some are looking for but it will leave others wanting more. I can see this working for children since there are a lot of basic offerings, but older consumers might be looking for products that can do more and that are more accessible, rather than just have safe ingredients. While we think it’s great that they’ve gone to such extremes to create their line, it’s just that- extremes. There are many good ingredients out there that are rated as a low hazard by Cosmetics Database, it just strikes me as odd that this company would go that far to only use those rated as zero. Hopefully Ava Anderson will expand into other products and try different ingredients.
  • December 1, 2015

    by Jackie

    Do you think Ava will expand their cosmetic line? Like adding eye shadows, and nail polishes, more lip colors..... I love Ava but I have found certified organic products like eye shadows. I think this would really help Ava.

  • June 10, 2015

    by Tina Hauser

    I've had asthma and eczema all my life. I started with the Ava bathroom and window cleaner so I didn't walk around the house coughing and choking everytime I was cleaning- I works and it feel good about it with pets in my home and will even spray the bathroom cleaner on the wood surface of my great-grandparents 70 old antique China hutch. I moved on to some of the other products and can tell you that I have researched anti-aging products to death and there are really no topical anti-aging products that give long term results unless you are willing to expose your skin to harsh acid peels, laser treatments or injectables. There are definitely topical a that will make your skin look brighter and more firm- the more natural ingredients with healing properties, the better. All your skin needs is an exfoliating wash, a light serum, a toner, moisturizer with SPF and an eye cream and you're golden!

  • March 11, 2015

    by Lisa

    Full disclosure - I am a personal use consultant with Ava Anderson NonToxic.
    I agree that the skincare line can be a bit limiting for older customers looking for high-performing products. However, I have been extremely happy with the moisturizing mask and anti-aging serum. I am 44 and haven't had to go for a facial in several years just using the regular skincare line, the sunscreen, and the mask as well as serum.
    Also the sunscreens are among the best and safest on the market.
    Please take another look. The company has added new products to the line and will be rolling out more every year. Thank you!!

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